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Uploaded on Mar 18, 2017

Hey there!
I'm glad to present you this arrangement of the famous music from the film "Pirate of Caribbean". These pieces of music were composed by Hans Zimmer.
This score is a medley of the soundtrack.

I made a little orchestra with guitar and fiddle. it changed of all big orchestras I usually use.


Pirate of Caribbean Medley Hans Zimmer Pirate of Caribbean medley Celthyan Epic arrangement Soundtrack Disney music Disney soundtrack

Pages 59
Duration 06
Measures 188
Key signature natural
Parts 23
Part names Piano, Strings(6), Viola, English Horn, Guitar(4), Bass, Voice, Trumpet, Brass Ensemble, French Horn, Percussion(5)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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that haunting smile
that look in your eye,
that confidence,
you hold till the day you die.

love of life,
peace in death,
a piece of meaning,
that final breath.
Thank you for your poems Artsy! It is very kind! :))
inspired by a note,
enough to make me float,
spirits lifted, flyin' high,
I am the one you can't deny
I really don't understand any poem in general, but in English...:O But thank you anyway :/
Wow great work! Just wanted to know, what strings did u use?:))
Thank you! It is a homemade soundfont that I still use currently (and have improve so much too). It is not available online though...
Wow this is old and NOW I discover this golden piece?
Golden? Wow! Thank you so much! :'D
Thank you! This piece and old though and I created it very quick. The guitar part is simple.
lol Thank you! Glad you like it! :)))
HOW DID I MISS THIS!? It's amazing! BTW, I'm making an arrangement of one of these pieces for my 150 follower special! It might have live recordings, too :DDD
:oo Cool!!! Please do! I want to hear you playing again!! Btw, I found an issue on the Trumpet I and Stac. Trumpet on the soundfont. Hope it won't bother you. This is because I gave you the last version and I am working on it to fix mistakes.
Thank you Lizza'!! :)))
Ok! Great! It doesn't bother me at all :D
I like the new take of some of these songs
Why thank you! I don't know if I could leagally use this since it's copywrited... (Maybe I'll do it anyway, mwahahahaha!)
If you do, please, credit me! This is the only thing I ask =3
Always! I would never knowingly plagiarize. If I ever do then tell me.
i knew it would pay off choosing french instead of latin at school one day :D
if u want to learn more than french, u should have chosen latin. i learned latin when i was six, and it made learning the seven languages i speak
holy **** im happy with three fluent languages haha ;D
u know SIX languages??? I'm learning friggin spanish and it's so hard. it's like the stuff i learned last year went down the drain this year...
Lol ikr I learned them all when I was younger, so I guess that made it easier?
probably. but I'm pretty young and it's not getting any easier lol
Lol thank you Will! Can you tell Elisabeth to come listening please? xD
I like this so much, the melodies are a bit different from the original soundtrack, but in a great way. And truly this is a great medley with great transitions between the songs; and I love your choice of instruments, especially percussions and guitar :-) I think with a bit of rework it would be a great arrangement for a big band
Thank you very much!! I'm very glad you enjoy my version :D
I wanted to share different pieces that I like and we don't often hear in the soundtrack.