Celthyan - I will come back | Epic Trailer Music

Uploaded on Apr 29, 2017

Hey guys! <3
Another epic track I began yesterday. I took me around 9 hours of work but it was fun to write.
I insisted on the percussions. As you know, the sounds come from my Soundfont. Strings, percussions, harp and others are made by samples I recorded.

Feel free to follow me, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share my stuff. It helps me a lot! :D
You can contact me by e-mail to have informations or whatever you would like to know. celthyan@laposte.net
I will try to answer as quick as possible.


Celthyan Epic music Trailer music Epic trailer music Epic Musescore Composition Orchestral I will come back

Pages 10
Duration 02:16
Measures 137
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 27
Part names Violin, Strings(7), French Horn(2), Trumpet(2), Brass Ensemble(3), Piano, Harp, Synthesizer(2), Percussion(7), Timpani
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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you are inspiring. I may be lazy about my composing, and piano practice somedays, but all I need to do is listen to you, and I am ready to face whatever my ruitines throw at me!
Thank you Artsy! I appreciate your comment!
Tout bonnement génial! Au bout de deux secondes dans le morceau j'étais déjà en train de survoler sur le bouton J'aime.
Je crois que tu n'est pas le seul à connaitre cet effet ahaha! :D Merci: )
This is really cool!
One thing though... this score order does not seem to be right... with all the strings above the brass and percussion I mean.
Yeah, I know, but I don't usually put a great interest on it ;) Now I do it but before not .
Thank you! :D
Sorry, can't think of anything else to say.
;) HA Ha!
Ahaha!! Thank you so much !! :D I appreciate some simple comments like it :D
Man... this is freaking amazing... I wanted to ask you how do I start learning this? I have a macbook and a kawai digital piano, now what do I do, install, buy, read, etc. Thank you, I've heard this many times, please never stop writing.
Thank you so much!! :D
If you want to learn this, you choose which instrument to follow. Or you take the main melody. One the piano, play the brass chords on the left hand (or doing arpeggios) and on the right hand, play the melody...I don"t know. This is what I do.
Cool, new cover!! For a second I thought you made two pieces with the same name :P (also for the description it should be "fun", not "funny") :) But MAN this piece is amazing...
Ahaha!! Thank you very much Rebecca!! :D I often saw "Funny" when I was in England. Maybe you are used to the American way of writing it... ;)
Hmm...I highly doubt it. "Funny" means "drole", and "fun" means "amusant". But then "funny" and "amusing" in English have similar-ish meanings...but "fun" and "amusing" are pretty different - at least "amusing" and "funny" are closer together than "fun" and "amusing" :)
Composers like you make Musescore a joy to visit! C'est magnifique!!!
Awh! Such a beautiful compliment! Thank you <3
Thanks for this song, it was nice! This one of the best epic music I have heard in my life!
Thank you!! =D Glad to hear that!
What do you do when you mix audacity and Fl studio? I kind of understand it makes it sound better but i want to know how and why?

Thank you!
There are a lot of things that I use in Audacity. I use for example the equalizer to increase the bass and treble, I use the envelop tool for the strings...I also add and superimpose effects and other external instruments with Audacity...I couldn't enumerate everything though!
Thank you! :))
Oh hey, you're Musescorer of the month again... You seem to be popular with the admins! I'm coming back to Musescore again after a few months break, incase you remember me from back in the glory days of Musescore :)
Again?? This is the first time I am the motm! Maybe you confused me with someone else...
And yes, I remember you.
Huh, this is in 3/4, but a longer 3/4 then what you have lol
(example: mm108 the beat feels at half-note intervals, not quarter-note intervals - the longer 3/4 starts at 79, everything before 79 is written right, but real instruments to playing the last part, it would be pretty confusing lol)
This is in 6/8. I prefer to say 6/8 than 3/4 because 6/8 is ternary whereas 3/4 is a binary time signature. And I could write in 12/8 but it doesn't matter.
oh right, you do have it written as 6/8, I just feel it in 3/4 time
A lot of my 6/8 and 12/8 sound like 3/4 and 4/4. But the main rhythmic is in ternary ;))
Dude............ You are a genius.
It's incredible how realistic your instruments sound.
Thank you! Indeed, it sounds pretty good! The new compositions sound much better now because I have improved the samples of my soundfont ;)
Wow, I feel like a layman. Thet's awesome!
Do you really feel like a layman? x) Thanks!
So, what exactly do you use? Is your own program?
Actually, it is a soundfont I make myself with samples from real instruments, sounds in Internet and also from my old keyboard PA50sd.
But I still use Musescore. I mix the final track with Audacity and Fl Studio before making the video and uploading. ;)
when u get older, you could make music for a movie(s) company.
No because I don't want to be a film composer but a flight attendant...pity... ;)
You want to be a flight attendant? you could make music for flights as far as i know every flight i've been on has some.
Ahahaha !!! :'DD That's a good idea! I will write to Air France so as to ask if they could include my "I Will Come Back", for people who fear the aircraft crash :D