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Uploaded on May 8, 2017

Hey guys!

First of all, let me THANK YOU very much for being 200 on my profile! This is incredible!! Sincerely, at the beginning, I didn't think that you will increase as fast as this! And it is thanks to you, only you! Really!!

Alright, the piece I present you tonight is a bit short, but as usual for this kind of occasion, it is epic! I experimented a new using of the staccato trumpets and also the staccato horns! I used a sound I've never used so far and I hope you'll enjoy!! =D

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Feel free to contact me by e-mail at : celthyan@laposte.net
I enjoy answering to you guys!! =D

Thanks again and see you soon for more Celthyan!! =))

Celthyan Epic music 200th 200 followers Epicness Huge orchestration Epic Musescore

Pages 16
Duration 02:39
Measures 144
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 25
Part names Strings(8), Brass Ensemble(2), French Horn, Trumpet(2), Piano, Harp, Synthesizer(2), Bass, Percussion(6), Timpani
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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how many times I have come back to listen to this I know naught
Les mots me manquent. De ces mots concis, je pense que tu comprendras assez facilement ce que je pense de ton morceau. 😙😙😙😃😃😃😁😁😁
hey, can you listen to my first "finished" etude and tell me what you think?
I've listened to it and I love it! Great job!
I never was good at composing orchestrial pieces, or anything in general. I mean I am okay for a 13 yr old, BUT YOU ARE AN AWSOME GENIUS
Ahaha! You will see later! You will be able to compose even better! You know I am always improving all the time.
Thank you! :D
I mean that there are so many instruments
Oh! It is an orchestra ;)) Thank you!
GOOSEBUMPS! It's quite hard to believe you have no film scoring basics! You're great!
Thanks!! :D Yeah, actually, I let my "feeling" making music! :)
Celthyan hi Im back and I have 1 request. We are making a sort movie for my school and I wanted to know if i can borrow this ill give credit to you
Sure you can, if as you said, you credit me. :)
Thanks Bengee! :D
Thank you Celthyan for being so nice I cant thank you anymore, this is for a high school year 8 mini project we are making and im really happy that you are allowing me to use your song.

I will credit you as much as you can and once again thank you Celthyan
because ur music is awesome (dies again)
I am not composer (I mean it is not a job->17 years old) and I won't be composer later...so no chance for this! But I could try for a game later, if someone would purpose me...
I like LOTR and The Hobbit! But this is only because I loved the "epicness" of the picture ;)
amazing!!!! I've literally always wanted to know how to do this type of music......could u maybe help me by any chance?
I don't really have tips for this! I just improvise, let my imagine go when I put notes x)
Thank you! :D
Nice composition! I just have a question though: can I use this song for a mashup I'm doing?
if you credit me, there is no problem! I would be very pleased to hear your stuff. Thanks!
Saw this on youtube, it was too amazing. Jaw on the ground.
Your pieces are awesome!!!!Perhaps you could share more of your profile.
I do my best lol! xD I have high school now and I am working on 3 pieces on the same time. Mostly on my future 500 special! :p
Thank you very much!! :D
Great! All the best! We're looking forward to the pieces!
This is AWESOME!!! I love the part around 1:55
It is thanks to my soundfont, based on real recording for percussions and also some instruments like the cello and the violin. Thank you! ;)
As I say, it is my soundfont that you can't find else where.
I love this! Once again I love the start. It's so beautiful and the build up is great! Another piece suitable for a film! :)
Thank you!! :D It is getting quite old but I remember that I've outdone myself a little bit for this one! It was also a new type of music. I'm gonna make another piece for 500 in this style ;)
I hope it will be used in a film yeah! :))
You know? Learning the piano makes us kinda like friends! I didn't teach the piano myself, though. I can play a little bit of the guitar. I taught myself percussion. I have tried many other instruments, but was not that successful.