Celthyan - Touching Stars | Epic Hybrid Orchestral

Uploaded on Aug 18, 2017

"Have you ever watched the stars during hours the night, seeing their different colors, intensities of brightness?...I did it! To make that piece, I lay hours long in the grass, admiring these stars, shining above us all the time when we are in our houses, ignoring all kind of beauty which the world give us!"

I used MuseScore for the orchestra and Fl Studio with some free libraries for Kontakt. All sounds here can be found in free libraries. I only couldn't enunciate all ones.
Except the voice :
Voice :
- Female Solo by Hephaestus
- Clare solo by ivy Audio
- Arcane by Embertone
IMPORTANT : All synth has not been written in MuseScore because I used Fl Studio. I only had re-written the electric guitar and the voice that I played also in Fl Studio (to have for example the portamento effect...). The only type of synth written is the Sinusoidal synth.


Guys, after quite a long time on MuseScore, I've never explicitly told you what other soundfonts, except mine, are used in my compositions!
Today, I will show you the list of all I have in my list :

-Concert_Harp (recommend)
-Equinox_Grand_Pianos (recommend)
-HQ Orchestral Soundfont Collection v2.1.2
-JR_backgr (used in Beyond the Skyline)
-Nice-Keys-PlusSteinway-JNv2.0 (recommend)
-Orchestral Essentials
-Orchestral Presets
-Papelmedia SF2 GM 2007 (recommend)
-Papelmedia_Ahh-Choir (recommend)
-Papelmedia_Trumpet (recommend)
-SGM-V2.01 (recommend)
-Timbres Of Heaven GM_GS_XG_SFX V 3.2 Final (recommend)

Some of them are not usually used in my composition or used only once. I just display my whole list(without my soundfonts).
My soundfont focuses mostly on the percussions because it is easy to record compared to an instrument like a piano on which one you have to record each note of the keyboard with at least four different velocities (that's pretty long and annoying!).
Touching Stars features a new type of percussions. Another kind of Taiko. I don't even know what is the name of the real instrument ;)

Contact me on
Discord : https://discord.gg/sxcam5U
Skype : Celthyan
E-mail : celthyan@laposte.net

Follow me on
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuVoQyoMALA7reA2IE1MMHA
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/celthyan
Looperman : https://www.looperman.com/users/tracks/16348 80

Thanks for your support!! You are very helpful!
See you next time!! ;) ♥♥

Celthyan Epic Music Space See you in Stars Hybrid Orchestra HQ soundfont

Pages 33
Duration 04:16
Measures 162
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 28
Part names Piccolo, Flute, Percussion(8), French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Voice(2), Piano, Harp, Strings(6), Guitar(2), Bass, Synthesizer(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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that look in her eyes,
that power in her hand,
that courage in her heart,
that power, to understand.

she is near
she is far
she is the world,
a shining star.
How the H** do u compose these?!...
This is epic!
It is not hacks, just skills ;) Thank you ! :D
Beautiful. I don't think there any words that can accurately describe the true artistry of this song!
Two powerful words. Soul And Emotion.
Two powerful feelings. Courage and Despair.
Two powerful forces. Light and Dark
Two forces of nature. Thunder and harsh wind

Reach for your future.
Never let it go.
Keep those you love and know close to you.
Keep faith even when darkness threatens to consume you.

Dance in the rain.
Sing in the howling thunder.
Hold your life in the palm of your hand.
Protect that ball of life twinkling in your hand.

And if your destiny commands you to give up, tell it that you’ll fight destiny with the force of a thousand suns.
That burning bright soul of yours will show the world what courage can really do.

Shout out your pains.
Laugh out loud the struggles and adventures you’ve had.
Cry out the sorrows and guilt and regret you have.
Scream out the hidden darkness and chaos within you.

Quietly whisper your inner feelings.
Sing of your peace and tranquility.
Speak of your wisdom and hopes.
Paint the colors of the future.
Demand that the hopelessness be gone.
Deny the voice in your head that tries to lead you astray.

Your feet echo with the force of thunder.
Your voice resonates with the sound of courage.
Charge with the force of a thousand racehorses.
Lead your forces with the strength of a thousand suns.
Make your dreams a reality.
Force the despair and anger to back down with your shining smile of light and goodness.
Change the world.
-NoHaxJustSkillz sorry for long comment...
a fellow poet I see. (or song writer, but you are also a poet of sorts)
I couldn't thank you by writing such a long comment like yours but it is amazing! Thanks again for the time you spent listening to my music, writing the comment! I'm glad you like it :D
Thank you Shadows! I am very affected by your kind words :')
Ahaha! Merci! Beaucoup l'ont fait d'ailleurs :O
Ohhh as a vocalist and choral composer, I'm absolutely loving the vocal soundfonts you're using! They sound so amazing, and I've gotta totally look into getting one or two of them haha :) This piece has a sort of ethereal, otherworldly feel that I absolutely love! And it's been exactly a year since you put it on MuseScore lol :P
Actually these are free sound library for kontakt (player). You can get them ;) I gave the names of them in the description.
I really wanted to compose something deep and...yeah quite ethereal which refers to space and infinity. Some people think about soft music while stargazing. I personally see the epic side :D
Thank you so much! (And no you are not too late for listening ahaha)
That's cool! Well done!! Perfectly! Write music for games and movies !! You can!
Thank you very much! Yeah! I will try one day, maybe...
Great song! I know you're French, so you probably didn't know this, but you should've phrased the little note at the beginning of the piece like this: "Deep, you are so deep in space right now!"
Thanks for the little correction. Nonetheless I thought this way of writing existed...I won't update this score because I unfortunately lost it...But thanks! :D
Sacrée musique épique, ça m'étonne pas que tu sois passé au rang de MuseScoreur d'avril. Je trouve qu'on ne pense pas assez à la beauté de la nature que l'Être Suprême nous offre. Tu as illustré cette nature de manière plus que grandiose. Toutes mes sincères félicitations.
Merci!! Perso, j'adore regarder les étoiles...Le ciel paraît si infini, si grandiose...Certaines personnes pensent à des musiques douces, perso, je vois plutôt le côté épique :D
Do you use a sound-font (I think that's what it's called)?
Yes, a homemade one! Everything is in the description!
Thanks :)
no words left....I am a big fan of epic/emotional orchestral pieces, and this was no disappointment.
Thank you so much for your kind comment! I love epic and emotional music too! :D
amazinig how you actually managed to fit so many instruments onto one sheet. Btw sounds AMAZING!
You can make the score bigger in the settings so as to put more instruments ;)
Thank you so much! I am glad you like it :D
Jesus Christ ur a fricking legend
Amazing as usual! :D By the way, do you have any tips on making epic orchestral songs? I feel like mine are kind of boring and don't have much depth.
Even if I had some tips to give, it wouldn't be through comments. ;)
Thanks !
Absolutely inspiring! You truly are a one of a kind on this site Celthyan
Thank you very much Isaac! You are too! ;)