Celthyan - Welcome 2018 | Epic Orchestral Music

Uploaded on Jan 1, 2018

Farewell 2017 and welcome 2018!

Since 18 is my favorite number, I personally think that this new year is going to be my best one in term of inspiration, ideas and compositions in general.
Throughout 2017, I worked hard on my soundfont so as to get better and better sounds and make the music deeper, more realistic and I improved by the time my skills that finally makes my music more credible.
I want to make sure everything is ok to make you enjoy a good moment by listening to my music and you are more and more following me whether it is on YouTube or/and Musescore. I really appreciate it! :)
I began composing this music three days ago and I finished it today! I was in a hurry! 2018 has come too fast!! xD

Thank you! Thank you again for the support, for everything you've done in 2017! :'D

Celthyan Epic music Orchestral music Welcome 2018 2018 Brass Flute Harp Horn Trumpet Trombone Percussions Strings Violin Viola Violoncello Contrabass

Pages 29
Duration 04
Measures 228
Key signature natural
Parts 24
Part names Flute, Bagpipe, Trumpet, French Horn, Brass Ensemble, Trombone, Percussion(10), Piano, Voice, Strings(5), Harp
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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7's my favorite number because of lucky seven (in Japan). And it's good, it's like listening a performance that combines all chorus, band, and orchestra!
Ahahaha!! :D I love viola too :D Thank you very much!
Oh my god ! The atmosphere which gives this music is brilliant !
Thank you!! Ahah! Glad you think so :D
I love this- you are such a talented composer, if this fell into the right hands and I sincerely hope it does, Bravo! :)
Thank you so much!! :D I'm glad you think so. :D
You should be movie soundtrack person. Or a concert song writer. I would pay to see a live performance of one of your songs
I would even pay my seat for a concert in which, one of my pieces would be played!! :D In all cases, I mostly compose orchestral music which is the main type of music found in movies. :)) Thank you! :D
have you thought about becoming a movie soundtrack composer?
Yes of course. But being a professional composer is quite hard. Mostly in my country. I consider music as a hobby and I still want to be waiter/flight attendant later ;)
Another admirable score. it occurred to me, whilst listening to this piece and reflecting on some the others I've listened to, why you called yourself "Celt" hyan.
Please, don't ask me why I chose Celthyan as pseudo. I really wanted something that finishes with "yan" and I basically love celtic and all fantasy/medieval music. Celtyan or Celtian is strange so I added a "h". This is a pseudo I'm gonna keep all my life. Hope you like it :p Thank you!! :D
Absolutely superb!!! It sounds like a cross between a Danny Elfman score and Hans Zimmer's music from Pirates of the Caribbean! This is beyond impressive . . . this is amazing!
Ahaha! I don't really listen to Danny Elfman neither Hans Zimmer even though I know well Pirate of the Caribbean. Nonetheless, I don't really know which is related to Potc here xD Thank you! :D
Impressive! It seems the film is about to start! or it has just finished! Very good job!
c'est magnifique! et tu es le 'musescorer of the month', bon travail!
Merci beaucoup! C'est un honneur de l'être.
Beautiful! Far above my expectations. I'm blown away! (3
Enjoyed listening to this wonderful piece again today!
Couldn't take my eyes of the screen. its incredible. how to you come up with things like this? (how have I not seen it until now )
Ahaha! :DD Thank you so much !! Some people say it is talent...me I say that it is mostly the time, training and inspiration! :)
it must be. I have to write to compositions for my A-level and have no idea where to even start...
I tried composing in this genre, not as good as you though! Tell me what you think: https://musescore.com/kolbe-oesterle/deeper-vibes-fantasy
Mhm, I think you music sounds quite repetitive but otherwise it's good ;) I like it, nice job!!
OK Thanks! :) (Sorry late reply! Didn't show on my dash!)
i think it is what is going on. i did not see this until february. good job though
Thank you! Indeed, you are a bit late :D
Vat ez goin on? I deed nut shee dis unteel febroorawy. ._. Gut job tho
Can you write in English please? I don't understand your language...
it is in English...they just spelled everything so if you read it it would be in a really weird (and nonexistent) accent It "translates" to: What is going on? I did not see this until February. ._. Good job though
Hate the percussion. Love everything else.
Let's talk about this, what is that bad in my percussions for you? I could eventually fix some things...Thanks anyway!
I don't like your style of percussion. Percussion is not an accompaniment. Except the timpani when it rolls under the orchestra. Percussion is mostly an accent. Percussion is NOT USED TO KEEP THE BEAT. Figure this out and you'll know something only a small portion of the world knows. For example: clash cymbals (the two banged together) are used mainly to emphasize certain notes in the melody. They can also be "ruled" to add a bit of sparkle to a melody. The concert bass drum (the one bigger than the player) is often use with the clash cymbals to further emphasize a note. It can also be rolled for special dramatic purposes.
OK so, I think you are perfectly right on this for a specific genre, a specific era. But you know, music is extremely various and it let you free to do whatever you want. The percussion CAN be an accompaniment! Oboe CAN be an accompaniment, flutes CAN, violins too...etc The percussion can also be soloist, play some solo parts or be highlighted during a piece. But it CAN be used to add a rhythm to the piece... You wrote like if you said to never write some rhythmic phrases for the clarinets (for example) because this is not used to keep the beat or accompany the music. Listen to for example ethnic style, or Africain music style or Arabic music...you can all the time hear the percussion playing like what I do. Keep this in mind : you write whatever you want in the music, as long as it sound well, you enjoy doing this, and people like it. You don't like the percussion, ok. But should not you question yourself on the fact that your using of percussion is rather taken from a music style reference than an imposed standard?
You really should try and get a job composing in movies!
Maybe I could...but that's not my project. Composer is not a good job, if you're not famous besides or you doesn't have another job.
holy moly that.....is.........AWESOME!!!!!! Its amazing!!!
Wow! What SoundFont do you use, if you don't mind me asking

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