Celthyan - Epsilon | Special 700 Followers!!

For Symphony Orchestra

Uploaded on Jan 19, 2018

Hello guys!

WOW!...700 already! That's incredible...I didn't even see the 650th arriving. I am so glad you like what I do and I appreciate a lot your comments, likes... It encourages me so much to continue!

I've composed Epsilon in three days and mixed it in four days. I began it when you were 690 so I was short in time. I hurried a bit. I'd like to compose in a very short time like for some challenges on Musescore but that's not my priority ;)

Link to the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsfHAdGKl4U

You can buy my music on Bancamp : https://celthyan.bandcamp.com/

I hope the synth with the orchestral sound well for you! :D

See you in another composition! :)))

Celthyan Epic music Orchestral music 700 celebration Epsilon Strings Brass Percussions

Pages 31
Duration 03:39
Measures 90
Key signature natural
Parts 22
Part names Other Woodwinds, Bagpipe, French Horn, Trumpet, Percussion(6), Harp, Synthesizer(2), Guitar(2), Bass, Strings(6)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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You made this yourself...this isn’t based on something??? If not, you did AMAZING!!!
Not really, It is 100% by myself and not taken or based from anywhere else ;) And thank you! :DD
*speechless*...I-love-it, this is just beautiful!!! It calms me whenever I sleep and go to school. It is just amazing.
Amazing!!! You are so talented!!! Good luck in the future!!!
Un très bon morceau Celthyan. On dirait vraiment une musique de film. T'as fait du bon boulot là! Ca te dirait de jeter un coup d'œil à mes compositions? :)
Merci Romain! Je suis content que tu aimes cette musique :) Oui, j'irai écouter ça.
Lol I was just scrolling through the pages of comments thinking, "Okay, I know I commented here somewhere..." "Oh there it is! WAY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LAST PAGE AAAAAAAAAAAAAA THAT TOOK LIKE 5 MINUTES"
Re-listening is fun lol I like the synth and orchestra added together.
AHaha!! It goes so fast these times :D
Thank you! :D
This is REALLY good! You are very talented
Ever considered releasing your sounfont? It expresses your pieces perfectly! You can even sell it. I'm pretty sure people would buy it.
I keep my soundfont private actually, sorry for that. Thank you very much! :D I have thought about selling my pieces. But it is quite complicated to do :/
That's quite alright. It keeps your music further apart from everyone else's. Keep up the great work. I love every single one of your pieces!
This is really good! Don't know why I haven't listened to it before now. It sounded epic and I love the percussion (as usual). The ending did sound a bit messy though.
Nice work!
Ahaha!! Thank you very much John! :D
Indeed, the end sound quite messy. I have to work on my music ends, they are always quite like that, thanks for your comment! :)
Wow Celthyan you’ve impressed me again! I certainly liked those pitch bends and glisses towards the end. And why 7/16? I’ve never seen that time signature used.
Thank you so much!! :D The 7/16?! For fun! :P The 7/8 is already an unusual time signature.
Amazing Celthyan!
I don't want to advertise, but I just finished a score a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to know if you would tell me your opinion on it. Thank you.
Superbe composition qui m'évoque l'Irlande et ses terres brûlées :) Bravo !
Merci beaucoup Peter! Je ne suis jamais allé en Irlande mais en tout cas, ça doit être joli! :D
I don't know why my computer has to log me out of musescore, stopping me from getting notifications, but it does, and then I miss beautiful songs like this! Excellent work, Celthyan - this one really made organizing my bookmarks feel exciting! =D
No problem! I'm glad you found the time to listen to my pieces! I enjoyed making it and it is always a great pleasure to share them online and see how much people like them :))
Of course - I always love your music! They are always so beautiful. ^-^
Listened to it several times already! Love it every time!
Great job, as usual! :)
AHaha! Thanks you very much! I appreciate it a lot! :))
I'm working on score but the title is a secret!
If it is a secret then... Ahah! ;)
Ahhh!!! This has been stuck in my head all day because it's so awesome! XD
YES! Well done for you! >:D
Thanks!! YAY! It will definitely happen one day! :D