Celthyan - The Last Leaf | ANNOUNCEMENT

For Symphony Orchestra

Uploaded on Oct 21, 2018

Hey guys!

Here is a simple and short composition about a leaf. But not just any leaf. It the last leaf of all trees which is falling to the ground.
It can be referred to something that ends for you, for me, for us, or contrariwise something that begins...like winter, a symbol of every beautiful things, snow, frost, epic music (Welcome 2019...), holidays (for the luckiest of you hehe) etc :D

I really hope you will enjoy! :D

FROM NOW ON, you will be able to buy my music on Bandcamp. It is another way to support me. It must be mostly used as a donation. If you could help me that way guys, I would be sooo grateful =3 But I don't force anyone. Not everybody can afford doing such a thing.
Some people will maybe wonder that I am becoming commercial, making music for money...but don't worry, I keep composing for myself, fun and last but not least, YOU! You've been amazing for years now and I am sure you will be the next few years! :D

Here is the link to my Bandcamp profile :

Thank you everyone for your usual support! ♥♥♥♥

Celthyan Emotional music Orchestral music The Last leaf HQ soundfont

Pages 13
Duration 02:10
Measures 42
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 16
Part names Piano, Harp, Flute, Oboe, Strings(4), Voice, Percussion(6), Guitar
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Quite brilliant, I love the lower strings entrance in measure 28.
Very pretty! I really like the key, also :P
Thank you so much! Indeed, it changes a bit from the over-used D minor key ahaha! :"D
ASJDHKDJFKAS!! GORGEOUS! I love the oboe part :) it is quite beautiful and the piece is just so ethereal !!
This is the best composition i've ever heard on here. Absolutely beautiful. You are amazingly talented at composing.
Celthyan, can you make a song that really catchy and war like?
Don't worry bengee! It is coming ;) I have several pieces in the queue currently for testing the NEW very realistic brass soundfont ! :DD
Where do you get your inspiration to write your pieces? Every single one is phenomenal and has every hint of originality to it. This is by far one of my favorite pieces from you, and that oboe part is amazing as heck! Thanks for creating this masterpiece!
I don't know dude xD I just write a tune I have in my head or simply put notes after notes and hear how it sounds ;) You are very welcome! I love creating music anyway :D
Wow, that was beautiful. Glad to hear more music from you! I imagine it is hard to find time for composing, so don't feel pressured to make content all the time, go with what works for you. It's also great to see that you have some music for sale now. :)
Yay, you uploaded!! :D It's beautiful, as always
Finally ya!! :DD Thank you Rebecca! :'D
Great! Oh no I think I can feel the snow coming though!
Thank you! :D Oh! I personally love the snow :))
Great song! I appreciate how much oboe is in it ;)
Thank you! I love that instrument so I put it in all my woodwind sections ;)
How did I not see this upload on MuseScore until now??? :'O Well, great job again! And you're selling your music now??? Hooray!!! :D
Thank you so much Lizzapie for all your kindness!! ;D
Again, AMAZING! thank you for all the knowledge you contribute to us little fish through your music. God Bess. C. E. J.
This is so beautiful!!! It reminds me a little bit of the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack, but it's still distinct. I really like the glockenspiel and piano parts. :D
Thank you very much! :D I appreciate the comment
Please tell me you teaching composition lessons! I need so much help with phrasing, developing melodies, advancing counter-melodies, creating nice sounding progressions, getting across the emotions I want, and mixing a song! Please help this small, little, young composer! (please, i need help... just look at my compositions...)
I couldn't teach how to compose unfortunately...I don't even know how I do lol xD Thank you MusicRebel
I'm moved by the music and by how you said you will keep composing for us :)
Thank you wind.e! :D I appreciate your comment!!
Wow! That was a great piece! I love the cresendo at 33, 34, and 38. Just curious do you have any formal composition training?
Thank you! :D No I haven't. I am totally self taught about composing ;)
Nice! If you are still on, I have a question. I am trying to smooth out some strings in polyphone, how do I do that? Do I just fix it later in Audacity?
If you want to make a longer note attack, you can change it within polyphone in the "attack" line. Like so, all your strings will sound with a delay on each note (be careful, it can sound unrealistic) Otherwise, you can do it on Audacity too ;)