Ed Sheeran Perfect Piano Cover

Uploaded on Sep 29, 2017

Pages 2
Duration 01:55
Measures 23
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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This song should definitely be in 12/8 rather than 4/4.
Actually, if you listen to it carefully, its much better in 6/8 time. If you listen to the piano's chords, as well as the timing of the drums, it sounds a lot more like 6/8.
This is the 10th song I have seen have this comment on, and I am NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!
Because, I'm and IDIOT and WAY TOO TIRED
ed Sheeran totally copied Amazing Grace (the hymn)
To me, this sounds more like A Thousand Years.
Stop, he is the best. All of you that don't like Ed Sheeran, don't say a word.
My apologies koelikampgra for over reacting too much due to your stolen arrangement from Herowitz Team. (MY abandoned TEAM) https://musescore.com/allennahabejuela/scores/4193031 . First of all I wanted to tell you that your stealing an unfinished piece of sheet. Second, we uploaded this on JUL 4, 2017. Third, why can't you say thank you to all the people who are supporting you?. Fourth, We forgive you. And we will forget about this. BYE.
Wow, it shows a really profound lack of musical understanding to put this song in 4/4. 3/4 already is questionable. But 4/4? That is a disservice to all (beginner or intermediate) musicians, because they will never learn to play this song right - out of irritation (how do I count right?!).
Maybe a little harsh, but I do agree this song shouldn't be in 4/4. The whole 'swinging' feel of this song comes from the 12/8 or 6/8 time signature, and maybe this could be reflected more in this version by using triplet quavers rather than groups of 4 semi quavers. Otherwise a good arrangement.
The original is 12/8. You can see that from the pickup and the bridge at the end of each measure.
This is not copied, it is not exactly the same as hanniels one, it is different
You can't be this dumb. Every little piece of this "transcription" is exactly copied off of Hanniel's. From the key, to the literal arrangement team. Why would he use the Herowitz team as the arranger? On top of this, Hanniel's piece was written on July, while this was "written" in September. Now, I'm hoping that you know which month comes before. If you manage to find ANY difference between these two sheets, please tell me and everyone else here that is saying the obvious. Don't even try to defend the criminal of this situation.
Giant disappointment to this random dude who copyrighted someone without givin credits,u think u can escape copyright,no f ing way
THIS WAS STOLEN! The original creator is Hanniel Nefiel!!!!
No, it was Herowitz Team https://musescore.com/allennahabejuela/scores/4193031 I'm the leader of this team
Karlheinz Stockhausen: "I'm an adventurer. I like invention, I like discovery." The thought that someone has taken their time to steal the hours of work of a composer makes me feel sad. This unauthorized publisher should feel ashamed.
HEY GUYS, LOOK WHAT I FOUND: (https://musescore.com/bhnefiel/ed-sheeran---perfect-best-piano-cover) 300k views and 1400 followers from plagiarism and incompletion. Yeah.
This dude got 1400 followers for uploading incomplete, stolen work. Nice.
how do you print/ get this music? I'm trying to get it on the piano, because its soo beautiful! Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of art!
um this is supposed to be in 12/8 not 4/4...
dont worry hanniel, i checked out your channel its great :D
Not bad. Too bad you copied off someone, stole their content, and didn’t give credit to the original.
Why would I want to shut up? It’s the truth. If you go to https://musescore.com/allennahabejuela/scores/4193031, you can find the original. The current transposed song is EXACTLY the same as the linked one, but from a different person. This person gave NO credit to Hanniel Nefiel and just stole their content. Maybe do a bit of research before telling someone to shut up while using profanity.
this is the reason why my team gave up on musescore... Herowitz team is now gone..... thank you for believing in me Krabby
Why don't you consider the fact that this person's score might've been the original? Also, I can swear whenever I want.
Okay. You can’t be this idiotic. First and foremost, this specific piece was published on September 29, 2017. The link I sent was published on July 4, 2017. Now, if you somehow don’t know which month comes first, you’re honestly a numpty. Secondly, there are children in this comment section (such as myself) that don’t like it when people use vulgar language and want to keep it user friendly. There is absolutely no use in swearing in this case. You could’ve said “be quiet”, or “What are you saying”, or potentially “shut up”. All the swearing does is show that you are either lazy and can’t come up with a response, or you are simply triggered at the truth. If you still want more credit, scroll down. Hanniel Nefiel has multiple comments that show their frustration with this person. From top to bottom, it is directly copied from Hanniel Nefiel’s work and it gave absolutely NO credit to them. Maybe try and have a bit more knowledge when coming up with a comeback. Your response doesn’t prove anything and just shows how much of a numpty you are.
Your profile picture matches your comment perfectly.
Could you please elaborate on that? I have not copied off an individual and I have given credit based on my username. Maybe have more knowledge before being rude to someone that has a valid point.
Good job bro, honestly, what is wrong with people?
This is very beautiful. Thank you!