Ed Sheeran Perfect Piano Cover

Uploaded on Sep 29, 2017

Pages 2
Duration 01:55
Measures 23
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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My friend, it is. As you can see in the first bar, 4 of 1.5 eigth notes equal to 6, which equals to 3 quaters and a quater to finish the fourth beat. :)
yeah that's the first thing I noticed, but it's still amazing
not great but ed sheeran is bad overall on piano
jesus christ, dude. just calm, it's not like you guys are getting paid or something
It's okay, I knew you created it, and I downloaded your completed edition. Thanks by the way it is freaking good I love it :)
Can you finish the score please???!!! It's so good!!
It's in my acc please check original version t
sounds amazingggggg, i play it all the time just took me awhile to figure out the time signature was wrong
1: This is copied off of another user. 2: You do know that 6/8 is a thing, right?
On measure eleven the right hand qnd the left hand play the same E simultaneously. Not quite perfect ;)
Another compliment is worth just that much more... besides, the pun was worth it
Effectivement, cette pièce est en ternaire et non en 4/4 absolument illisible et illogique...
hi, good effort!! but this piece should be a pop ballad style. So, 6/8 or 12/8 is better than 4/4
How many times do you want to make the same comment bruh??
He gave Herowitz credit on the upper left saying he arranged it, herwitz has no copyrights and so this is legal.
yes he did :) but i love how he redid it
Stop being so jealous Hanniel... His upload is "Perfect," so stop being so sour.
Well this guy stole Hanniel's arrangement. Hanniel is the creater
I think it's 6/8 beat in original, not 4/4
Actually, i’m pretty sure it’s 12/8
What's the lyrics? can someone comment please.
Thank you. Beautiful song. Can't stop listening.
La canción no es la original :v Es como escribir un texto con faltas de ortografia
I love it but i think it could be just a little bit faster
Why is there so much theft on musescore these days?! I've already had one of my original compositions plagiarized... At least koelikampgra knew to fix his/her mistake. Good for him/her.