The Irreverent Hymn

5 parts3 pages00:4911 months85 views
Voice • Trumpet (2) • Trombone (2)

This song/hymn came about when I was trying to demonstrate an example of simple brass writing...then I needed some kind of simple song and this is where my mind went naturally!

Wayward Dog

17 parts24 pages04:271 year729 views
Flute • Clarinet • Alto Saxophone • Tenor Saxophone • Baritone Saxophone • Trumpet (2) • French Horn • Piano • Bass • Guitar • Percussion • Strings (3) • Cello • Contrabass

Copyright © Rob Birdwell

An original composition for a combined jazz band and string orchestra.

Contact me if you would like to perform this with your combined groups.

Rob Birdwell

Green "Flugel" Hornet

1 part4 pages02:255 years2,674 views
French Horn

This is my adaptation of this classic. I love the Al Hirt version (and many other fine players' versions) but it's usually so dang high. So one day while struggling with all the highness, I decided to embrace the lower side of the horn - and of course that lends itself beautifully to "flugelhorn" - hence my revised title!