Uploaded on Oct 24, 2018

This is actually more of a fantasia than a nocturne (I did improvise most of it), I only decided to call it that because it sounds more like one.
So yeah, I think it sounds pretty unorganised, no actual structure. For this one i wrote the left hand before the melody so I don't end up trashing it because im shit at writing the accompaniments to go with melodies.
Obviously i didn't improvise bars 25-31, I slapped in random notes and bam, thats why it sounds pretty bad, but I'll probably change it some other day if its worth it.
I think bars 36-57 is the only decent section, what do you guys think?
And let me know if i went too harsh with the dynamics and the lines :/
If this piece had a story, I imagine a person searching in the snow with a lantern looking for a lost friend, then worrying a monster took them. They worry too much so the bit with the weird appregiated thirds is a blizzard and avalanche hitting them, then in bar 32 they get up. They start calling out for them, but grow weak when they imagine the lost friend's body being trapped under the snow, so the person succumbs to the snowy winter(kind of like stockholm syndrome? pffff), and believes its too late. who knows? That weird plagal cadence knows exactly what. (it is a plagal cadence right??)
It's pretty dark. I know. But what do you guys imagine is happening? hopefully not something as dark as that :O
So pretty much, I'd love to hear your guys criticism, go all out, be harsh, its alright

nocturne piano original improvisation minor C# minor fantasia

Pages 6
Duration 03:25
Measures 74
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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