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Uploaded on May 6, 2018

hi all, this piece is dedicated to my grandma who died in new zealand about two weeks ago.
hope you enjoy, it does follow a simple progression but is meant to be more reflective.
pleaseuse the soundcloud audio as the musescore default sound font sound weird!

pika0007 soundtrack BAKA DESU.

Pages 8
Duration 02:30
Measures 45
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 9
Part names Flute, Oboe, Violin, Alto Saxophone, Piano, Percussion(3), Cello
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I almost cried, this is wonderful. I'm so sorry for your grandma's passing, she must've been a beautiful soul.
I am very sorry for your loss, I too know what it's like to loose a loved one: Within 1 month of one of my grandpas dieing of cancer, the other had a heart attack and died, and I was the one who found him on the floor.
i mean, i understand the losing great great grandmas but my grandma was only in her 50's
Well mine was in her eighties so that might make sense.
This is absolutely gorgeous, and I am sure your Grandma is smiling down at you. I lost my grandma a couple years back as well, and I know how it feels to lose someone so close to you. Please continue to make music as beautiful as this, because you have a talent.
I'm sorry about your grandma. I'm from New Zealand and it truly is a beautiful place for beautiful people.
Thanks so much!
I am from Australia but I've been to New Zealand countless times and it is truly a beautiful place!
So pretty!! :')
Like others have said, I too offer condolences for the loss of your grandmother
This is so beautiful, amazing job!!!
This is very pretty! I love the piano part. I'm sorry about your grandmother :( (sends virtual cookies)
I too offer my condolences. This is beautiful btw
I lost my grandmother February 12 this year and am STILL working on a piece that I dedicated to her. It'll be released July 18th
thanks a lot! i look forward to hearing your piece as weel, you obviously spent ALOT more time than me ; ).
This is beautiful! You have my condolences on the loss of your grandmother.
also i'm very sorry about your grandmother dying. i know how it feels.
Ah this is really pretty! ^^
A wonderful tribute to your grandmother who i'm sure would have loved this so much. You have my condolences
thanks, i am glad you like it!
I loved it, I decided to promote you to 1.41k people. is it alright if I use it
How did you promote me?
(I don't mind just curious)
And with using my music, I don't mind but I have a few conditions
1. Acknowledge me as the composer of the piece
2. If anyone else see you use it and want to use it remember to ask me first
3. Don't use it for personal gain (ie don't sell it or make money our of it)
Other than that, sure you can use it!
Could you tell me what for though (just curious)?

I don't do music for money, I wanted to add some words to it, I got some written down but I need 2 girls. Also I just posted it on my website saying support the song and added a link to you
Beautiful! I know your grandmother would love this. Keep up writing beautiful music
So peaceful, I'm sure your grandmother would be proud.
Beautiful! I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandmother.
Absolutely gorgeous. I'm really sorry you lost your grandmother. Losing loved ones sucks, and it sucks that we can't do anything about it, either. But this is a beautiful piece, and I'm sure she would have loved it.
Yes, she was one of the people who convinced my parents to let me start learning a musical instrument!