Broken Sky - Collab with Misc

Uploaded on Aug 13, 2019

Where do I start, well, this is a collab, I approached Misc (miscellaneous02) and asked her if she'd like to do a collab with me and when she said yes, you should've seen my face, I was like "please tell me you're not joking" so she said she would like a minor key cuz it's easier, and I replied with "I’m only good with minor things" XD, so started out, A sharp minor, with a base chord progression going F-m, G-sharp, C-sharp and C-sharp so I made a little something (the first chorus) and asked if she had an email address I could send it too, then I sent it, then I realized it wasn't A sharp minor, but F minor, and I literally slapped myself, then she came back with something that was otherworldly, (literally Misc did all the good bits,) anyway, we started with the name, Sore Love (you see how bad I am ay namimng things sometimes) and I was like nah, doesn't suit, so we came up with some ideas, but for me, "Broken Sky" seemed to stick to me, don't even have a reason for the name but it stuck, and Misc liked it very much (or so it seems XD) so we named it that. Then we kept on composing until you have what's on our screen right now!

And Misc has posted it on her account and go check her stuff out, it's like ammmmaaaazzziiinnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, It's been my greatest pleasure working with misc, even my mum loves it, so well done us, and I hope you like it!

If you'd like to make some arrangements or remixes, please ask me and Misc :)


Pages 13
Duration 02:47
Measures 74
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 2
Part names Piano(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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