How to Train your Dragon II: Dragon Racing

Why am I seeing this?

Uploaded on Aug 7, 2014

So, as the title says... this is "Dragon Racing" from How to Train your Dragon II. I have decided that i am going to do the whole film score. why? Because its amazing music.

Hope you enjoy.

How to train your dragon

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Duration 4:33
Measures 218
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Do you transcribe the music? This is really awesome! :D Also could I show this to my orchestra teacher to see if we could play it? Or like an arrangement? (Credit to you of course)


Been struggling with this song for half a year...

Can I make a marching band version of this arrangement? Full credit for arrangement would go to you!

:0 that was... REALLY GOOD! I wish I could arrange like this...

Wow! This is completly amazing! I might have to show my band teacher this and ask if we can play this because this is completly amzing! I would litterally learn how to play all of the instruments just to play this. Or just the brass. Great job!

Holy crap.... can I uh... can I... May I make a concert band piece out of this?? You Sir, will definitely get credit!

Wow... I am a HUGE fan of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, especially its music, and this just blew me away. I also like your medley from the first film. Great work. Do you think you could do an arrangement of the second half of "Hiccup Confronts Drago", starting with the bagpipes at 2:12? I love that part of the soundtrack and its very hard to find.
Keep up the good work!

Well done!!! Bravo! I'm SO impressed with your raw talent for arranging music! I have no criticism for this piece. Well done, indeed.


~* Phoenix DeFalco *~

... ... ... ... ... ... If I could arrange music like that I wouldn't be here... outstanding... I'm utterly speechless... ... ... ... ... ... ...