Riverdance Thunderstorm for Drumline

For Marching Band

Uploaded on Jul 11, 2019

Notes For Riverdance Drumline
This works easiest with an odd number of Snares. Music is written for 5 basses but if you can have an even number of quads. I’ll use a 9 snare 4 tenor and 5 bass battery as an example.

At Box A, Center Snare is on the Sideline or off stage. The rest of the battery is in 3 lines. Snares in front then tenors then bass’. The snare line will step forward at least 4 8-5 steps when they begin to play.

At Box B, tenors join and step forward 2 8-5 steps so they have room to move later.

At box C the bass line begins playing,

At Box D Center snare comes into view and does the Solo count off. During this point, you will Create a Triangle with the battery with the point towards the main audience. Left and right sides of the point get 4 snares and 2 tenors. The back is the bass line that doesn’t move because then play. This gives the battery 8 counts to get set and stop moving.

At Box E Center snare will stop playing and move to be the point of the triangle and come in for his next solo.

At Box F The Tenor soloist should move to the middle of the created triangle to play and move back once finished.

At box G1 it gets a little fun the first measure to come in is the back 2 snares 1 tenor and bass 1. The next group starts on the 32’d pickups of G2 adding 2 more snares down the line another tenor and bass 2. The next 32’d pickups of G3 brings in the next 2 snares the third tenor and bass 3. G4’s pick-ups everyone is playing.

At box H, Shift back to form the original lines from the beginning but with the center snare added in the middle.

At box I Company front. Tenors all need to pick a different drum to play the rhythm on. Or they can mix it up for the last 4 measures. The pitch doesn’t matter but the rhythm must be in unison for all of the battery. All lines move forward. Keep in your lines as long as you and if your group is on a stage, spread out around the stage edge and drop your sticks when you yell. If your group is on a field, you can still company front and drop your sticks and yell, but it may be seen more professional to keep your lines instead.

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Duration 01:48
Measures 56
Key signature natural
Parts 4
Part names Trumpet(3), Synthesizer
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