ViolaConcertoNo 3

Uploaded on Jun 14, 2018

This is how I start a piece. Ideas come and i have ideas about orchestration , series , repetition , rhythms ,orchestal color and variety. The hard part is deciding if a change of mood is right for music , what moods , ideas , techniques , contours , textures , lines to keep. What gets thrown out affects shape and meaning of the discourse you have with yourself . I'm going to keep each day's work in sections of this work also as a way to focus and get more done in a month or 2 period . My previous 2 viola concerti att enpts were difficult for me . I have 7 versions of no. 1 and can't decide or make judgement calls so I leave it alone for a while and gt my printer cord so I can lokat each versionin my hands at a desk. Working on laptopis not ideal for me . I will come back to this in 2 days let my unconscious work . This is very important to take breathers when practicing , composing doing any kind of work . it took me years to learn the discipline to practice sensibly . Now my Chopin etudes are progressing . For 20 years I've continued playing at least 12 of them always badly with unsensible wrong body movement/technique . Breathing Ive yet to consider and the music i play is not in Chopin style so I'll ned months to think about his music , the period the eras pianos etc. Away always away from the piano. You need to have an idea of what ou want befre u move our fingers . To many oung inexperienced players rush to instrument . Any animal can move its fingers :learn to reason , think , really learn how to read a page of music and discover composer's stye looking at what he gives us ! This viola concerto will likely develop into electric violin work . Range ! I have to buy one to discover the true sound .

Viola Concerto No.3work file

Pages 12
Duration 06:17
Measures 153
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 41
Part names Piccolo, Flute(3), Oboe, Clarinet(2), Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn(2), Trumpet(3), Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(14), Piano, Harpsichord, Viola, Strings(5), Contrabass
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there are wonderful tantaling things here I like it . It doesnt let you know exactly what its ABOUT or how its going the places its going and i quite like that ! Right now it is a mystery to me but so interesting that i know i will come back to it ! totally my idea and my way. It has some simple things in it . the trio between saxes and viola is memorable and a wonderful idea. the leaps areinteresting and its jst going forth without ryhme and reason . My way !
In the beginning are the parts are very cluttered, personally it makes it confusing to listen to. Also, why is the title viola concerto? The song doesn't seem to be centered around the viola.
It's a first day's sketch. I posted it to chronicle how I work on music. the 1st pages opening idea is very important to me . It is one of my sweetest melodies wavering between G and C . It is cluttered and i have to figure out if its possible this way with differeing dynamics or instrumental colors or whether only 2 treble lines can be simultaneously allowed there is very little bass hee . today I will try to work on putting in more viola in the opening. I don't really have a profile or idea . I'mnot inteested in themes or giving this opening line to the viola .On the 2nd page and continuing the string parts are atype of musical idea : "offstage feeling " were there is stuff going on in the background that is not clear while the main material moves oblivious to it .Ive heard this done a lot Henze and most of the older fashioned 20th century formalists do this I hear it in pp music and jazz a lot too. Ive never tried it but will hone its potentials. It is an exciting new development inmy work . there will be lots of asides andoffstage like movement in this new work of mine ! Which is why that repeating piano filigree moment is so critical . lease remember this is one day 's work after my job was over and i worked on it till4:30 a.m. Muse allows us to listen to every dea immediately so over time I'll figure out what works and what doesnt. I intended to open with a great instrumental flourish . My principal urge has been to use Paganini like writing on the viola or maybe Electric Violin which this music is going to be turned into after it is finished ! One other thing my idea is to keep putting the revisions after each other in the same score . so i will put times with the score so people can see where to look or listen to hear whee I'm at .again many creative artists create only for themselves .Maybe HeartBerries Overly effusive .