Uploaded on Nov 18, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean He's a Pirate onnikoivisto Pirates of the caribbean Pirates of the caribbean he's a pirate

Pages 4
Duration 01:25
Measures 86
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I don't think you realise its not humanly possible to play the last part

everyone, check this out!
I like a lot .
And I don´t know wy i write in english if i spanish
I'm currently trying to learn this and the syncopation and the last part is going to give me an aneurysm.
P.S. dat last part doh...
This is a very easy version for me the last part is just a kind of scale
The last part is not possible to Play (for me) But I REALLY love the rest *-* Great Job!
For the last Part its impossible to play with all of the other notes so I just play the chords and its sounds fine! Great song
you should think about turning it into a duet
Yeah maybe I'll work on it 😊
that last part is a joke, right? That is soo hard...
how do you play the last part? is it possible with 2 hands?
very nice piece!
Through the piece : Nice, easy, 100% possible.
Ending: Oh my god, what the actual fuck..

Masterpiece man, love it!! <3
can someone send the PDF with parts no my email ? filipe.queiroz.abreu@gmail.com
I can play this... It's easier than it seems at first.
Just download and open it in Musescore. Then try to get rid of them. My sis was able to do it that way, and its easier than having to rewrite it. There's also a version that someone else did (the exact same version) except for without all the runs.
Hey man how did you get the tempo right? I mean the right and left hands play at a different tempo to each other and its awfully hard to get it sounding right at first.
Any tips?
might I ask how do u do the last part, should I use the right pedal, I'm a bit in new to this I gues
lol my friend plays it whenever he sees a piano
WTF is this i doubt anyone can play this
I love it. The slow begin is like a gentle caress.... and it kicks your ass. Really good. But the end? The end is really bad. I was like: OMG, thats these are the best sheets of pirates I've ever heard, and then, in the end, oh, such a disappointment...
Why do you believe this? Get off the internet.
do you believe it now?
I'll be honest with you, I have no memory of this comment at all lol, no idea what I was doing
I have nearly learnt this piece :)