Alto Sax Caprice no 24

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Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
This is the version of caprice 24 that I made, and that I play myself. Some parts I play differently then I wrote them because the way I wrote it is meant for three saxophones. I am only one saxophonist. It is also in a different key than the original because the original key is too high to play on alto,
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Caprice No. 24: Garrett vs. Paganini Version

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This is caprice 24, but it's the version that David Garrett plays. I don't have the parts for the rest of the orchestra, but this is the violin solo piece that he plays, along with the orchestra.

Caprice No. 24

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Soprano Saxophone
This is about impossible on saxophone, so i made sheet music for it and if any of you can play this then send me a link to a video of you playing it please.

Also, sorry but for some reason every note above D natural in the altissimo range doesn't make any sound on this midi. The range of
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Inspector Clouseau Theme Clarinet Choir

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A song from the movie "The Pink Panther Strikes Again", when inspector Clouseau tries to enter the castle. I turned it into a clarinet choir because why not :).