A Carnival of Mass Destruction

Uploaded on Apr 9, 2016

This is a three movement piece that contains the likes of a circus march and sonata. I really enjoyed writing it since the second piano was created by my tinkering and the first piano was created by the greatness of MuseScore. (i.e. Placing random notes in a rhythm.)
As most can deduce, at this tempo, it certainly is impossible. But I don't really mind if it is played slower to get the notes: that's what I would do!

Movements Original Carnival

Pages 25
Duration 06:40
Measures 360
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 2
Part names Piano(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Sweet Piece. By the way, how old are you, I'm 14 and play in an senior orchestra, (youngest person There) ^ _^
I'm 15, and play in my high school's marching band as mellophone, concert band as french horn, wind ensemble as pianist, jazz band as the pianist as well, and in drumline as the first synth. My friends call me a prodigy, but I'd beg to differ. Good job on being the youngest there! (As if that actually helps with anything when you experience it for the first time.) What instrument do you play?
It would be cool if we could see each other, cause I basically have no friends. It's a tough life for me :( Too bad you live in California, I live in Canada, Ontario near Toronto
It really is too bad that you live so far away - or I conversely - but there are ways of contacting me than just the comments section of posted music. You can E-Mail me whenever, if you want to just talk. I check almost everyday now because of the many notifications I get from there. I believe my E-Mail is up here somewhere . . .
Cool, I just reached the 5 limit scores for my channel, gotta ask my parents to pay yearly for pro version. Too bad I'm not 15 yet, I can't get a part time job yet, But I'm turning 15 on August 25th. I want to upload 3 new scores.
You've probably noticed them too, but I've seen cheaters who just make another account to post five more. However rare they are, it still is annoying. So, it's good that you're willing to pay the fee. Funny story: I don't have a job yet, so I sold an old keyboard I had to get the money for this year. Now I'm teaching piano lessons at $20 a month. Urrà for resourcefulness!
Besides Musecore I use Finale 2014.5. I kind of like Finale better because the instruments sound more authentic or "real" But it's SUPER EXPENSIVE, 600$, plus tax.
Oh, wow. There be no possible way for me to pay for that! A thing that bothers me of MuseScore is the fact that the instruments seem blown out of proportion. (For example, since the newest update the trombone sounds are fortissimo all the time, no matter the dynamic.) I like to stick to one music programme, though, and learn all that it can do, so I can make it even more impressive, or at least pretty.
Do you have any sort of texting app, such as Kik?
Sadly, I don't. If you could reference me to one that's free, I would be more than willing to sign up to talk.
There's this app called "Kik" It's a great free texting app.
It took me a whole day, but I got it! I should be under the same name. You too?
Yea I'll add you, Mine will be Tim Sim 3 (same name)
https://musescore.com/user/7031966/scores/1650141 - Check out this stupid arrangement of the Imperial March, Probably the worst one I've ever heard
It seems to me that they appreciate the "railroad tracks" too much (or that their measure were broken XD). You're right: I can't even describe how bad it was; it was just . . . terrible. Thanks for sharing.
It would be cool if we could transcribe this epic song together: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/572672
Basically, all brass instruments, and I used to know a bit of violin