Super Mario Land

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2015

A very long piece concerning Super Mario Land's music and the pianoforte. I hope you have time for this one!

Super Mario Land Mario Video Game Nintendo Medley

Pages 9
Duration 10:41
Measures 184
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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This song was used for SMG4's outro. Except it wasn't played by the piano. It was the original song.
I don´t hear the music because i like the game. I like the game beaue I like the music. This sheet is a good example for this
Thank you very much! Now I can travel when I was 11 years old!
This is great! I could never have possibly put in the time to do this! Do you mind if I use this as a base for my Mario Paint medley? I'm only using the Baributo Kingdom. I may try to make the Credits Roll theme. It's my favorite Credits Roll theme in the series! Next to Super Mario 64.
there is a new super mario land. but its not called that anymore, its all 3d. its... super mario odyssey!
Shouldn't it be super Mario land 2 or 3 or maybe 3d land.
favorite is definitely baributo kingdom. its also SMG4's intro song, love it so much.
I think it sounds a little to fast, But it sounds great!
muda kingdom isnt syncopated
Oh nostalgia, thanks for the song man. I'm sure to play this for the rest of my friends in HexTech Robotics
I absolutely love this piece! SML is one of my favorite GB games ever! I'm so exited to learn this!
I love the music of Super Mario Land as well! It was so much different than most of the music of the Mario Series at the time - and still is, I believe.
This is amazing, I am looking forward to attempting to learn it.
Wow. This is gonna be fun to learn. just need to get 50x more skilled before even trying x)
Note to self: Only upload songs that self can play. Otherwise , self shall feel bad for giving people things they couldn't possibly play without messing up. Please accept my apology: I can't stop laughing with you.