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Uploaded on Sep 9, 2018

The last couple of days, I had some troubles refraining my creative work, including school getting in the way, lack of inspiration and other nasty stuff. But this time, I've regained inspiration, and this is the result! It is a soft yet quite energetic piece, although it tends to stay on the soft side. It includes passages in B minor as well as passages in C minor.

I hope you'll like what I did as much as I did creating it! Comments are welcome.

vivacity energetic soft modulation

Pages 2
Duration 01:32
Measures 33
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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The variance is nice and adds interest ! You could be an admirer of Satie with the c minor section !
Thanks! Yes for the c minor section I drew inspiration from the number of pieces using these harmonics. I'm not sure if they're from Satie tho ;P
That's a very smooth and relaxing piece, I really like it. Well done on your harmonies too!
It's one of the most unique pieces I've ever seen. I just can't compare it to anything else!
i love this piece!
its very smooth and connected which is something that is pretty hard to achieve when you don't have a ton of pro experience. i do think the ending could be a little bit more interesting, but that's just my opinion! I'm also a 13 year old composer, but no where as good as you! ;)
Thank you! What you say really touches me. Well I actually tried to make the ending more interesting than what I originally had in mind.
I am having an ending problem that I've been trying to resolve for about 2 months and my work is just now taking me some where, so I understand the difficulty! :)
What do you mean, did you resolve it? If it's the case, well done!
Well, I am close to resolving it, but it still needs some work.
(Also forget what I mentioned about the ending part, I don't even know what I meant by that ;) )
Oh. You'll show me that when it's finished, then, if you want!
actually, I will be posting a sneak-peek of the intro in a few hours! I just have to get a good recording and transcribe it.
Nice, your textures are becoming ambitious.
Wow, thanks. Glad I'm having a distinctive style that's developing, if it's that what you meant.
Certainly, but you have to find things out. Don't worry about that, it will come.