The lonely spider which an organist saw a few years ago now has a job and a love

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Oct 1, 2018

For this piece I drew heavy inspiration from Hans Jacobi's piece "Late summer night, while contemplating the moonlight I saw a lonely spider"
The thing is, that once lonely spider has grown up, found a love and built a life of its own. Perhaps, when his doom approaches, I'll compose a new piece relating to the last step of the fate of this once solitary arachnid.

I hope you'll like my music! Comments are welcome.

spider music

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Duration 00:48
Measures 12
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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wait... did you steal my joke! :0 o noe!1!
You mean, OUR joke. And it's important to follow the odyssey of that young spider.
Later this summer night, I saw a spider next to my bed. I decided not to kill it this time.
On a windy autumn day the spider has to take all its 138 children to kindergarten. That's why a spider has eight eyes. The end of your arrangement is an beautiful mysterious minor major seventh chord, with the raised seventh as bass note, and also a major third added. That's spicy.
Well done for your short story in the comment, and I had absolutely no idea I was using these chords at the end. That's spicy, too.
the spider works at a rope company and his love is an ant
he later strangled the ant accidentally, and a large funeral was prepared. His family is angry at him, and he is sad now
Soon we'll assist to the funerals of the spider himself, spending the rest of his days in pure loneliness.
the spider has accidentally strangled himself and he is dead
Hang on a minute. His musical funerals will take place perhaps next week. :)
we will grieve the poor spider. And then put bug spray on it >:D>:D>:D