This Will Be The Day

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This is a full rock band arrangement of the brand new song "This Will be the Day" from the show RWBY, created by Roosterteeth. If you want the tab parts for the guitars and bass, the link to the original tab is here: Also, once Musescore 2.0 comes out, I will promptly add the tabs for the guitar and bass. Obviously, I can not take full credit for this arrangement, as it is basically a slightly edited version of the entire song that was tabbed out by one of Jeff Williams' student at Berkeley University.

Genre: Rock
Format: Transcription

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AntoineBessette's picture

Lady's an gentleman, I present to you the first integral sheet of This Will be the day for Solo Piano. Here's the link and thanks to Beck fron Cyantine Eye Productions for the base. I will arrange a better left hand in the future


Antoine Bessette

patrick.clark.79069's picture

is there just a bass line

BlindGuardian117's picture

On the vocal line of the chorus - "I don't wanna hear your absolution, hope you're ready for a revolution" - Instead of putting the A,G,A for "absolution" and "hope you're ready" notes twice you put them both after the continuous C.

ccccccc a g a ccccccc - it should be ccccccc a g a a g a ccccccc

I - c
don't - c
wan - c
na - c
hear - c
your - c
ab - c
so - a
lu - g
tion - a
hope - a
you're - g
rea - a
dy - c
for - c
a - c
rev - c
o - c
lu - c
tion - c

Hope that makes sense.

lucky13.'s picture

don't really get what you're saying... but this isn't my arrangement, it's the official transcription done by Jeff Williams' student

John123's picture

still very good though

John123's picture

bit to fuzzy

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