Fortnite music compilation

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Sep 16, 2018

This is one giant compilation of Fortnite music and emotes. It is unfinished and PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS ON EMOTES TO ADD!!!! Some like Pop lock require a lot of percussion so I tried to make those as close as I could to the real thing without percussion (that requires some bottom hand that isn't in the actual song but sounds perfect when played) also please don't request boogie bomb or llama bell because those don't sound right on piano. These are all by ear and my arrangements...Please check out floss because that one is pretty lit.

-I released the first update and I added some requested songs. feel free to request more. Some songs were made more complicated because they are my favorites like OJ and The Robot so understand that some songs may be less entertaining than others.

Fortnite emotes Night_fury81 compilation yeet oof piano emote dance BR Battle Royale Stw save the world

Pages 22
Duration 17:14
Measures 377
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Just noticed you added some new songs! They sound really good!
Just realized this is like 16 minutes long... commitment! Im surprised Im still adding to this. Also apologies to those who requested some songs but were never added in. Some are simply just impossible to arrange for piano like infinite dab or swipe it. Don't be afraid to request other songs though!
How did you add those glasses on fancy feet?
I accidentally opened something with my fn keys and it had a ton of symbols
Absolutely AMAZING m8 add me on fortnite:
Adding friend right now after my epic games thing updates
You stream? Also ill be on tonight sometime.
Sometimes I stream but I mostly just upload raw gameplay
cool. Im getting on the game right now. Im going to be completing challenges
Guys I am uploading a new version but it doesn't contain a lot of new requests. Later tonight or tomorrow, you should see more
I looked to see if you gave me a friend request but all there was, was a random fortnite player?
Actually the request didn’t work when I sent it
can you do the festive background busic or infinite dab?
Festive background music will be in the other compilation or possibly its own song. I’m working on infinite dab
I know i have said this but it is so good
thank you
What do you want me to to credit to? do you have a youtube or twitch channel i can put in the description?
Just Night_fury81 is fine. I don’t have a twitch account or YouTube
Eh I find it more for tryhards with low self esteem... no offense to those that do have them though.
I'm not a tryhard, I just play for fun, and most of the time I do Creative, just saying
It’s not all you tubers. It’s just some that do it because they need someone to tell them they are good.
pls checkout megalovania fandom melody!
Ok! I’ve been considering getting deltarune. My friend recommended it even though I left the undertale fandom
If so what is your gamer tag? If not I will try to add you on as an epic friend on fortnite.
My ps4 username is Night_fury0832. I barely play ps4 though...
I play on xbox and my username is MinuteMessi10. Try to find me on epic games if you can.
Just sent a request. Look in your epic games friend requests and you should find it
I’m on later tonight, so I haven’t seen it yet.
Only epic friends work for some reason. My musescore username is the same as my Fortnite one.
Do you play fortnite on the xbox?