Dorian's Dirge - [HQ Audio, Live Oboe and Vocals]

For Chamber Orchestra

Uploaded on Aug 14, 2019

A funeral lament, a commissioned work inspired by author Erin Casey's lyrics.
She's a published author, check out her website!

Special thanks to the support of my patron, Zoltan Tamasi.

Lyrics by Erin Casey:
Into the good night we send you.
On dragon wings you’ll soar,
remembered by your loved ones,
joining those who left before.

Tafea, our Goddess, please guide them
into your eternal dawn,
where all sickness has been healed,
and all the old become young.

We’ll wait here and remember
the good that was in their hearts
They will always be with us
even though we’re worlds apart.

Goodbye, goodbye, we say farewell.
Join the Goddess above.
Carry with you our blessings
and your bondmate’s undying love

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Composed and Produced by Raelynn Davennor.
Lyrics by Erin Casey.
Oboe and Vocals by Raelynn Davennor.
Scored for Voice, Oboe, Lute, and String Orchestra.

Copyright 2019 Raelynn Davennor, All Rights Reserved.
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Pages 6
Duration 03:32
Measures 63
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 4
Part names Voice, Oboe, Guitar, Strings
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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