You raise me up - Josh Groban

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2019

I wanted an arrangement which fits both Play alone on piano and accomp with a singer (and an optional violin) and which follows exactly the Josh Groban official video clip. What means exactly ? The intro is some boring if you don't have a bagpipe and a string orchestra. So this was shortened a little bit. The original piano part is mostly quarternote-chords which give the beat. An arrangement should take up the beat but must add a fluent harmonization. I added some small notes. If you have no singer the piano must play the melody - especially at the end. But there are also some small notes as "helpers" for a singer to find his tone (especially the d-flat after modulation shift), but also the low notes at big jumps. You help a singer by playing these notes before he enters. That means: let them away if your singer is experienced. And then you can also make some adjustments to punctuation according to the singers line. If you hear the original, you will find, that Josh Groban starts text lines with a sixteenth note if he sings alone, with an eigth-note if the choir is present. Do you have a choir ? Then do it this way. If not, sharpen the phrases all with punctuation. Josh Groban and breathing could be a singers lesson for improvements, but I want to point out only: if I think, that the singer should do a phrase with one breath the rests between phrase parts are shortened to a sixteenth note, if he should breath it is some longer. Do you have a violin player all the time ? Try to marry one. Oh, you are already married - not the best idea. The violin solo (that is the textless second verse part) is notated completely with violin melody in the piano to be independent of the solo instrument. If you have a solo instrument make improvisation on the piano in broken chords. The end: I wanted to finish with the base chord in third (Terz-)layer, because this is the most positive hope- and peaceful ending for a song of comfort. Please be aware, that this is only for studying purposes. So, words enough - enjoy it.

You raise me up Josh Groban

Pages 6
Duration 04:23
Measures 68
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 2
Part names Voice, Piano
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License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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