Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2: Simplified Version!


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A close enough simplified version of Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Liszt! Transcribed by Franz Bendel (1833-1874) who became a student of Liszt for years. He has also a transcription for two pianos.
This piece is enjoyable and very manageable to play! Enjoy!

Genre: Classical
Format: Transcription

Comments (16)

LordQueezle's picture

I am pretty sure I will get a head ache from learning this... but thank goodness it is the simple version! I got myself ready for this by learning Julius Fucik's "Entry of the Gladiators". :) So I will have some experience with some "jumping chords" in the left hand.

chinadoll's picture

wonderful, just what I looking for. super transcription. downloaded favorite

larry.eldredge's picture

The midi only has the left hand.

ravllave's picture

Yes, I also find the midi too buggy. I don't know why :(

larry.eldredge's picture

As a novas piano player here is my take. It is just a practice session hope to get better as time goes by.

LordQueezle's picture

Nice rendition! Perhaps a little slow in some parts but that really is a matter of taste... also you can speed it up as you get better at it. :) good job! this isn't that easy to learn.

25januszk25's picture

It sounds amazing!

DovidBerendt's picture

Great job, just half the speed, but great man.

Hallam Saunders123 classical's picture

More manageable than the real version, but it still needs tweaking!

andrew4549's picture

"Very manageable" by whose definition?? Have you listened to bars 24 and 61?? This is a fantastic piece but there are some "very UNmanageable" parts that need to be seriously tweaked!

NewFranzLiszt's picture

Very manageable by 19th century piano playing standards. If you consider those two cadenza runs to be unmanageable, I will have to say that you are quite a novice at the keyboard. This is about half as difficult as the original version by Liszt. There are at least a hundred recordings of the original, so even it is very manageable. This is not only manageable, it is within sight-reading level for any experienced pianist. That is the genius of Mr. Bendel for being able to create such an effective yet playable arrangement.

NewFranzLiszt's picture

With that said, the rest is still a pain to play: Mr. Bendel didn't take out the scales in sixths, of the leaps!

RAJ Thum's picture

really enjoyable - thanks for posting! RAJ

ravllave's picture

Your welcome! Glad you like it :))

Thecoolman5's picture

simplified version huh? looks pretty freakin complex to me already

ravllave's picture

Haha, exactly! While notating the Friska part, I said "is this easy enough?!".

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