Final Fantasy XIV - Sophia, The Goddess' Theme - Equilibrium (Version 3 | FINAL)

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Uploaded on Oct 3, 2016

3rd transcription attempt on the new Patch 3.4 Primal Theme from Final Fantasy XIV.
Version 3, lyrics are now official, as confirmed at the 2016 Fan Fest in Las Vegas.

Here's to all you pianists and those with a piano/keyboard at home!

Note: I will probably not be updating the sheet anymore, I think I've done my best with it now and can call it finished, thanks for all the feedback and help/suggestions.


- Lyrics amended to the official lyrics shown at the Las Vegas FanFest 2016.
- Removed the "G" note on the Bass Clef during Bar 70 for the A chord.
- Changed chord notation from Bars 17-30 to their respective power chords (i.e Em to E5)
- Added normal barlines after the first 2 quarter notes in the treble and bass clefs for Bars 31, 33, 35, 39, 41 and 43 so that they don't look like triplets in a 4/4 Signature. In addition to this, the beam to the 3rd quarter over the barlines has been removed. (Thanks to wolftamer_smn on ffxiv subreddit!)
- Tidied up the appearance of rests during the score.


- "Chains of Harmony" lyrics swapped for "Cintamani" in Measures 1-16 (Overture). (Thanks to Roegadyn on ffxiv subreddit!)
- "Eminent" lyric swapped for "Tormented" in Measure 43. (Thanks to Roegadyn once again)
- Last eighth note on every other measure during Intro now amended from E to Eb. (Thanks to Sir_VG on ffxiv subreddit!)
- Rhythm amendment during Measures 33 and 41. (Thanks to viewtyjoe on ffxiv subreddit!)
- Note amendment on Measures 36 and 44, the lyrics "stained" and "farewell" hit the A note instead of C, sounds a lot better! (Thanks to aegyl on ffxiv subreddit!)

Final Fantasy XIV Sophia Patch 3.4 Heavensward Goddess Equilibrium Theme

Pages 4
Duration 02:54
Measures 81
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Creative Commons copyright waiver
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