Arrival to Earth - Transformers Soundtrack

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My First Score Ever, I transferred the piano score from a PDF onto MusScore to see what it sounded like, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do :D

Genre: Film
Format: Score

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Music_girl7419's picture

I stopped playing, but I liked this piece so much that started again. Thanks

EatingGlueIsFun's picture

Wow, this is the first time I've looked back at this in around 3 years... I didn't expect this to get so much attention in that time (I was 15 when I posted this).

Just as a heads up, I'm in no way musical, I was just trying this site out when it was in it's early form, and I copied across Steve Jablonsky's score of "Arrival to Earth". I'll possibly give it a go editing it and cleaning it up, and properly accrediting the score to the composer.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. :)

matt.stephens.39's picture

"rev" and "cho" are set wrong, its ringing badly bro, play around with it till you get a nice crisp sound

WikkidVommit_Music's picture

That's just how it was when it was first released.

matt.stephens.39's picture

nothing like this rings..

buunnq's picture

be careful: this version is full of errors. check the original arrangement by Mark Fowler!
good basis to work with, though...

Aiadail KR's picture


Pianogirl123's picture

Could you somehow dumb it down for me please? I am grade 2 but I wouldn't mind grade3/4 stuff - I jyst really wanna play this piece but I can't quite get it :)

InstrumentPlaya's picture

first and only lol

TheEnd09's picture

This your first score?!?! You sir, have just gained a follower. :D

TheEnd09's picture

Also, I'm getting a piano for Christmas and now I'm inspired to learn this song!

EatingGlueIsFun's picture

I am honoured to be the catalyst for your inspiration for learning to play piano. I also wish to play the piano. I just can't afford a piano to play... :D Also this is my first and only (so far) transferral of a score from its PDF format, which was very rewarding when I finished :P

MustangHorse's picture

Hey, do you mind if I arrange this for string quartet?

EatingGlueIsFun's picture

Yeah, no problem, it's nice that you asked :P Just send me a link when it's finished, i'd like to hear/see the finished product :D

MustangHorse's picture

Woot! Thanks! ^^

BSBassClarinet's picture

If you notice, two other people are STEALING your score. Just search "Arrival to Earth," and you'll find two ****** who get credit for something they didn't do themselves. Just so you'll know, you can click "Report copyright infringement" on their copys on MuseScore if you don't like what they're doing (since they probably copied your thing on

EatingGlueIsFun's picture

One of them, I am ok with, because they have at least added to the score, but the person who has completely re-uploaded this score, I am really not happy. The only thing is that I can't report them as I don't really have any official copyright... Although, I am still reserving the rights to the actual creator of this piece. :/

Piano-Girl's picture

I have a question! how did you take it from a PDF? PLEASE TELL ME!

EatingGlueIsFun's picture

I had to write every note into musescore and every note's effect etc... It took a while :P

Piano-Girl's picture

o, thats wat i do, but i add more! thx

BSBassClarinet's picture

Great job! I love how you portrayed the building tension!

Piano-Girl's picture

THIS WAS EPIC! Hard to believe that this was your first score!

phantom's picture

yep, pretty cool :)

pirate4lord's picture

Hey, that's great!

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Uploaded Aug 4, 2010
Pages 5
Duration 3:35
Measures 72
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names
  • Piano
License All rights reserved
Privacy  Everyone can see this score

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