Killing In The Name of RHYTHM v4 arr. Tapper

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Uploaded on Jun 12, 2015

Hi kids, do you like Rage Against The Machine? You, remember them, right? This arrangement would be perfect for a WGI or DCI I&E Mixed Battery / Front ensemble (small). As always - a WIP. This is version FOUR (8/23). Check it out - you'll dig it.
v1 - initial transcription - intro IVCVCI
v2 - stacked melodies, added entirely new kit track.
v3 - added more percussion and streamlined rhythms
-added articulation. tempo chamges. voice stacking. octave stacking.
v4 - changed notes in lead line, stacked melodic & harmonic parts
- changed tempos throughout
- changed elec bass to slap bass
- changed 'mp' to 'electronic perc'
- updated acoustic/electric snare where app.
- rewrote rhythms throughout
- aesthetic & playback improvements

Rage Against The Machine Killing In The Name Of Front Ensemble WGI DCI Battery Drumline Percussion Percussion Ensemble Percussion Arrangements 90s Music Zach de la Rocha Drum Corps

Pages 21
Duration 03:36
Measures 83
Key signature natural
Parts 6
Part names Bass, Guitar(2), Percussion(3)
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Guitar staffs are in treble clef, and in this song, the guitars are actually downtuned to DADGBE instead of EADGBE. It makes it ten times easier to play the riff.
thx man; I'm a brass & percussion guy; I srsly know jack shit about composition for strings....glad I accidentally got it right!
The kit is on the list of Battery (perc.) voices - I think it's called "Drum Set" or "Multi-percussion" I stacked them into two voices- this creates a semi-authentic heavy metal sound. I stacked two over-driven guitar voices on top of each other to pay tribute to Rage's "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me"-style and tonality. This score will be updated and expanded - thx for listening! If any of the above is unclear; I'll elaborate.

I scored this before v2 came out so there is probably a host of cool shit to add/change in this arrangement. Once I get the chord structures & inversions the way I want them on my arr. of "Adagio" I will likely return to this track and add more meat to it. As in....a fucking GRIP more. heheh. I'm going to start by stacking in a 3rd drum kit.
How did you get those types of guitars and that heavy metal kit?
Stackhouseza - have you listened to it again recently? I added to & developed the battery parts - it's a little over-the-top but I think you'll dig it. I found that the "electric snare" sounds especially cool ( & loud! ) on playback - giver 'er a listen when you get a chance - also feel free to download and develop your own version - or add a 3rd drum kit or multiperc part to this. Obviously the track is incomplete so if you'd like to help add a solo or a bridge or...anything - go right ahead.