Salvation is Created arr. Tapper v8

12 parts3 pages02:051 year360 views
Voice (3) • Trumpet (2) • Oboe • Viola • Bassoon • Organ (2) • Cello • Contrabass

apparently Adagio (MY version of it) was claimed by some company who didnt put the 100s of hours I did into it, so if you want my most popular arrangement, you'll have to email me. This makes a decent placeholder; inspired by my 1st hornline caption head, the inimitable Greg Flores, this is 'salvation' with crazy interval/slur/articulation exercise ideas appended to the final refrain of this…

'Sanctus' - Hornline Warmup v3 2016

7 parts7 pages02:272 years3,007 views
Voice (4) • Oboe • Viola • Bassoon • Contrabass

This is a great piece for Hornline Warmup - also good for vocal/and/or Mixed Ensemble. Sorry I haven't transposed it yet - if you can read treb&bass for piano/cello/euphonium/any voice in C you are good.

Killing In The Name of RHYTHM v4 arr. Tapper

6 parts21 pages03:362 years3,221 views
Bass • Guitar (2) • Percussion (3)

Hi kids, do you like Rage Against The Machine? You, remember them, right? This arrangement would be perfect for a WGI or DCI I&E Mixed Battery / Front ensemble (small). As always - a WIP. This is version FOUR (8/23). Check it out - you'll dig it.

'Youre Still a young man" --ooh oooaaahh....arr Tapper2016

7 parts3 pages00:352 years1,478 views
Bagpipe • Flute • Guitar • Harp • Strings • Contrabass • Trombone • Oboe

The intro from a ToP classic. Written for 4 screamers with light opportunity to get weird with the chords and then end all major, happy and loud. Etude for warmup, i&e, flexibility, improv, swingin beats....and listening down/acrss, looking and all that good stuff.