The Departure More Leftovers arrangements...

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Oboe, Violin, Strings, Percussion, Bass, Tuba, Piano
Part of the tribute to the simple eloquent music of Max Richter, comes my second arrangement music from "The Leftovers." This tune & temporary stinger indicate "Why we smoke" and that "she" (Patti?) remembers.
v1 updates
fixed chord changes to 'she remembers'
updated 'fadout chords' at fine.
e;iminated out of context 16th arpeggios
v2-v4 updates
major changes throughout
appended new arr of sanctus

Salvation is Created arr. Tapper v8

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Voice(3), Trumpet(2), Oboe, Viola, Bassoon, Organ(2), Cello, Contrabass
apparently Adagio (MY version of it) was claimed by some company who didnt put the 100s of hours I did into it, so if you want my most popular arrangement, you'll have to email me. This makes a decent placeholder; inspired by my 1st hornline caption head, the inimitable Greg Flores, this is 'salvation' with crazy interval/slur/articulation exercise ideas appended to the final refrain of this class ic by Allegri, who never heard it performed. You can! Not really having one, save 'magical mys tour' -- VK didn't have a corps song; to me and many others from 94 till folding time; this was OUR corps song. enjoy.

'Sanctus' - Hornline Warmup v3 2016

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Voice(4), Oboe, Viola, Bassoon, Contrabass
This is a great piece for Hornline Warmup - also good for vocal/and/or Mixed Ensemble. Sorry I haven't transposed it yet - if you can read treb&bass for piano/cello/euphonium/any voice in C you are good.

I apologize I replaced "Salvation" to get this new one up ....hit me up if you'd like to use my arrangement of Pavel's timeless hornine warm-up.

This slot is a free place-holder for my new arrangements. If you want my versions of 'Salvation is Created,' 'Fix You,' 'Platoon Swims' or' Road to Perdition' contact me and ill send it.

###UPDATE april 2016####
New warmup posted - "Sanctus" ver 2 ... dedicated to the men credited with creating the original hymnal - Allegri, Schubert ... and Mozart (for pirating The Misererei Mei from the Vatican. Again, the music merely ins[pired the rendition; this music is original. Optimized for playback.

Muisic 1st heard in season 2 finale of "The Leftovers" - when the the preist is redeemed, his wife wakes out of her coma. This is the kind of music Matt Jameson woulda HEARD as this moment takes place - excellent show for new-music lovers.

Plz obtain permission b4 using any arr. for your band, orchestra & or drum corps. thx -t

WIP - as always.
v2 fixes
dynamic tag bug - cleaned up (mostly)
aesthetic improvements, chord structure improvements
track structure enhanced - sounds far better....
took more liberties with design, making the piece less a tribute and more and inspiration for something new.
added reh markings in sev. categories.
v3 - added legal stmt and notes on div1-caliber brass best practices
added defined articulation standards
many changes to timing, structure and overall design of etude
cleaned up dynamic look and feel, cleaned up overall document aesthetic.
improved tonal/chordal aesthetic
v4 plans - tag this hymn with "Salvation" - continue to improve aesthetic and viability as
an educational tool for marching music, hence the growing collection of side-notes.

Killing In The Name of RHYTHM v4 arr. Tapper

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Bass, Guitar(2), Percussion(3)
Hi kids, do you like Rage Against The Machine? You, remember them, right? This arrangement would be perfect for a WGI or DCI I&E Mixed Battery / Front ensemble (small). As always - a WIP. This is version FOUR (8/23). Check it out - you'll dig it.
v1 - initial transcription - intro IVCVCI
v2 - stacked melodies, added entirely new kit track.
v3 - added more percussion and streamlined rhythms
-added articulation. tempo chamges. voice stacking. octave stacking.
v4 - changed notes in lead line, stacked melodic & harmonic parts
- changed tempos throughout
- changed elec bass to slap bass
- changed 'mp' to 'electronic perc'
- updated acoustic/electric snare where app.
- rewrote rhythms throughout
- aesthetic & playback improvements

'Youre Still a young man" --ooh oooaaahh....arr Tapper2016

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Bagpipe, Flute, Guitar, Harp, Strings, Contrabass, Trombone, Oboe
The intro from a ToP classic. Written for 4 screamers with light opportunity to get weird with the chords and then end all major, happy and loud. Etude for warmup, i&e, flexibility, improv, swingin beats....and listening down/acrss, looking and all that good stuff.