The Allegiance of Hellhounds


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I wrote this late last year for my pair of Demonic dogs. I was listening to some Liszt at the time...Any comments immensely appreciated and favor returned :)
Despite the license claim (considering some stuff at the moment), it's free to download and share with attribution.

Format: Composition

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chinadoll's picture

the first section reminds me of Bach, almost mechanical sounding, well done with the unusual chords. I like the andante section (starting bar 34), nice way to provide a contrast to the earlier section. like the rhythms of this section. and then at the end a brief return to the style of the first section. nice work

Ana von Bunners's picture

Diminished chords? Is that what those are? :P
Seriously though, thank you for the feedback..being self-taught (played guitar for tens of years and was self-taught there as well), i can use any constructive/destructive criticism, rants, tangents, admonishment, reinforcement, or otherwise, lol.

Roland Bouman's picture

Hi Ana! I tremendously enjoyed the first section; especially the way you use harmony to, so to speak, deceive the ear :) I found the use of the diminished chords really well done; often they sound harsh but in your piece the sounded very natural and convincing. Kudos!

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Uploaded Jan 26, 2014
Pages 4
Duration 2:45
Measures 61
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names
  • Piano
License All rights reserved
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