Jazz Compositions

Duggregn (Drizzle)

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Piano, Bass
Of all compositions I have over the years, this one is one of my favourites. Composed some time back in 1998–1999 and somewhat reharmonized in 2003, I keep returning to this tune over and over again. Every spring or early summer, the first light drizzle, where you can hardly feel the light touch of the riny raindrops hitting your face, but nevertheless ends up being soaked, I come back to this song; "duggregn" means "drizzle" in Swedish.

At the core of it, it is a simple jazz composition with an A and a B section, where B is basically the same as the intro on the form: Intro – A – B (solo) – A (solo, double-time) – B – A. The solo on B can be augmented and the return to A can be on cue.

When I wrote the first score back in 1999, I had some troubles with the pickup phrase (in measure 8) because I couldn't figure out the timing. In the end I realized I played triplets and sextuplets which is why I ended up writing the score in 12/8. Another thing was the key of the A section. It begins with two II-V-I progressions i F major, a II-V-I in G major and a II-V-I in B flat major, followed by chromatic progressions of mostly dominant chords until I end on a augmented A flat dominant chord. I ended up using two flats (B flat major) for the A section since that reduced the need of temporary accidentals to a minimum.

The entire composition would actually fit on a one page lead sheet (which I will upload shortly), but here I have tried to add piano left hand, solos and bass in order to convey the idea how I intended the form.

I had a jazz piano trio in mind when I composed "Duggregn", although I have not added any drums here (one of the things I can't do is programming a drum track).

Red Sofa

2 parts6 pages03:342 years ago2,402 views
Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion
A jazz something composed back in 1999 for the SSQ.


2 parts3 pages02:022 years ago1,080 views
Piano, Bass
Another jazz composition. "Blommogram" is a combination of the Swedish words "blomma" ("flower") and "telegram" and is a way to send flowers to someone that you cannot visit, perhaps because they live too far away. I guess there is a corresponding English word, but I haven't found one.

Doris' Waltz

3 parts6 pages02:56a year ago839 views
Piano, Bass, Percussion
This jazz walts is based on a dorian scale, which in Swedish is called "dorisk skala" – hence the name "Doris' Waltz".

Waltz for Eric

3 parts3 pages01:25a year ago704 views
Piano, Bass, Percussion
This is a simple jazz tune dedicated to my friend, the brilliant drummer Erik Andersson.