One Piece Epic Medley WIP

Uploaded on Jul 9, 2015

Songs as of now: Luffy Moukou, 0:00; Overtaken, 1:03; Gomu Gomu No Bazooka, 3:02; Franky's Theme, 4:57; Straw Hats Begin Counter Attack, 6:34; Roronoa Zoro's Theme, 7:55; The Very, Very Strongest, 9:45; Uunan and the Stone Storage Room, 11:33; The Fight Continues, 13:31 & 14:30, Second part of Hangeki No Noroshi, 16:07; We Did It! Party! 17:21; Difficult, 20:04.

Update July 22nd: Overtaken added.
Update July 28th: Lowered the scaling.
Update July 30th: Gomu Gomu No Bazooka! added
Update August 6th: Beginning of Franky's Theme added (it will most likely be done in less than 5 days)
Update August 6th: Franky's Theme added (finished sooner than expected)
Update August 7th: Straw Hat's Begin Counter Attack added, as well as revamping Luffy Moukou
Update August 12th: Beginning of Zoro's Theme added
Update August 18th: Zoro's Theme added
Update August 19th: Beginning of The Very Strongest added
Update August 26th: Progress on The Very Strongest (just wait a bit longer). And finally, a picture!
Update August 30th: The Very Strongest completed (at last!)
Note: I was a bit more treading into the arrangement side with this newest song, so tell me how you feel/any necessary changes. Thanks!
Update September 3rd: Uunan and the Stone Storage Room added.
Update September 8th: First part of the Fight Continues added. Expect Revisions.
Update September 23rd: Second part of the Fight Continues added. (Finally!)
Update September 27th: First part of Hangeki No Noroshi added.
Note: I am not writing the first part Hangeki No Noroshi due to personal preference. So, technically, I would've added the first part of the second part of Hangeki No Noroshi, I guess.
Update October 4th: Completed Hangeki No Noroshi. Can't you tell I just love making harp parts?
October 13th: One-third of We Did It! Party! added.
October 18th: 2nd third of We Did it Party added.
October 20th: We Did It Party completed this took a lot of time :(
November 15th: The very beginning of Difficult added. Sorry, it has been quite a while since the last update, and even so, I've only completed a very tiny amount of this soundtrack. I just haven't had as much time on my hands to work on this score. Oh Well, all I can say is that I am still alive, and that I will try my best to keep the time slots between updates as small as possible. Thanks for your support and for listening!
Update February 6th: Just wanted to say a very late New Year's and apologize for the extreme lack of any activity in the past few months. Please, excuse me, for I have really found myself in a situation where I just don't have time to sit down, examine every piece of sound, and put it on a page. So, please, understand that I really am sorry and that I'm doing my best to spit out something new. See ya! (Also, srsly? 6K views? I really never would've expected!)
Update July 26th: Just gone through the whole piece and changing it to fit the 2.0.3 update.
Update December 11th: At last, it has been completed! Finally got the inside motivation to spend the time to complete this.

This is the compilation of songs from one of my personal favorite animes, One Piece. Remember to check back every once in a while for any new additions to the compilation! I am open to criticism and all the sorts, so please give feedback and thank you for viewing.

As the One Piece Medley is nearing its end, I wonder sometimes. Which is your favorite song in the medley so far? Please tell me in the comments below. (FYI, this is only to satisfy my curiosity)

one piece anime luffy moukou theme medley fierce attack overtaken epic gomu no bazooka gomu gomu no bazooka franky frankys straw hat hats begin counter counterattack hat's zoro zoros very strongest

Pages 75
Duration 21:54
Measures 576
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 47
Part names Trumpet, Brass Ensemble, Timpani, Percussion(9), Strings(3), Cello
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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