Your Name-Kimi No Na Wa(君の名は。) Full Soundtrack-WIP|《你的名字。》所有BGM-更新中

For Mixed Ensembles

Uploaded on Nov 28, 2016

*Disclaimer* I don't own the original sheet music.

Full soundtrack-Working In Progress (But when can I get it done, that's the question)

OST #1: Dream Lantern (1) 00:00:00
OST #2: School Road (93) 00:02:05
OST #3: Itomori High School (146) 00:03:09
OST #4: First View Of Tokyo (233) 00:04:58
OST #5: Cafe At Last (282) 00:06:14
OST #6: Theme Of Ms. Okudera (344) 00:07:42
OST #7: Unusual Changes Of Two (429) 00:09:45
OST #8: 前前前世 (Zen Zen Zense) (517) 00:12:22
OST #9: Goshintai (733) 00:17:02
OST #10: Date (832) 00:20:24
OST #11: Autumn Festival (937) 00:24:32
OST #12: Evoking Memories (977) 00:25:37
OST #13: Visit To Hida (1,031) 00:27:17
OST #14: Disappeared Town (1,102) 00:28:46
OST #15: Library (1,159) 00:30:39
OST #16: The Night Inn (1,184) 00:32:26
OST #17: Again To Goshintai (1,224) 00:33:56
(WIP) OST #18: Kuchikamizake Trip (1,289) 00:36:16

(2016 Nov. 28)
I personally just love this movie so much that I literally got "poisoned" by it. If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend you to go to the cinemas and watch this awesome movie.

(2017 Jan. 11)
Also, thanks to " The Dougie Fresh"'s transcription on Zen Zen Zense as his transcription helped me a lot. His transcription link:

(Jan. 30)
As School starts on the 1st of February, this project may take forever to finish. I'll redo the transcription on Dream Lantern (a.k.a Yumetourou, if some of you call it like that) since it has a lot of awkward notes.

(Feb. 1)
2,000 views yeah!

(Feb. 11)
Over 1000 bars yeah!

(Feb. 12)
Okay, now I need to say that it's has come to the point where entering a note onto this score may take around 3 seconds... It will definitely impact on the speed of finishing this transcription. I'm hoping that this will get finish around June perhaps? However, if that's not the case I'll need an entire year.

(Mar. 7)
I know it has come to the point where I haven't upload for ages.

Currently, I'm busy at my new school, and since I'm yr 10 studying in Australia, I'm also worried about my work experiment placement.

This task will be CONTINUED, I guarantee, and I'll finish it. I'm just busy (the old "busy" cliche, eh...). Hopefully, I get more done in the upcoming holiday.

(Apr. 6)
It has been a while, and FINALLY, I got Disappeared Town done. I really do not enjoy transcribing a piece where I just can't figure out the tempo......

Anyway, for this April holiday, I'll see how much I can get it done.

(Apr. 17)
Last day for the April holiday, hope you all had a great easter! Currently, I've finished up to "Again To Goshintai." The progress has been slowed as I went to some of my own compositions, but still, this task is awesome and it'll be completed.

(Apr. 28)
As you may notice some of the descriptions in the Chinese section is removed. This is because currently there is a character limit of 5000.....

(Dec. 1)
As I've not yet updated this record, however, the progress on is that I'm struggling on the piano line of Kuchikamizake trip. Also I'm struggling in school so sorry if I'm being dead for such a long time.

(2018 Aug. 29)
I'll return to this project after I've sorted out my way in school...Sorry to keep y'all waiting.



OST #1: 梦灯笼 (1) 00:00:00
OST #2: 上学的三叶 (93) 00:02:05
OST #3: 糸守高校 (146) 00:03:09
OST #4: 初到东京 (233) 00:04:58
OST #5: 憧憬的咖啡馆 (282) 00:06:14
OST #6: 奥寺前辈的主题音乐 (344) 00:07:42
OST #7: 两人的异变 (429) 00:09:45
OST #8: 前前前世 (517) 00:12:22
OST #9: 御神体 (733) 00:17:02
OST #10: 约会 (832) 00:20:24
OST #11: 秋日祭 (937) 00:24:32
OST #12: 唤醒记忆的泷 (977) 00:25:37
OST #13: 飞驒探访 (1,031) 00:27:17
OST #14: 消失的城镇 (1,102) 00:28:46
OST #15: 图书馆 (1159) 00:30:39
OST #16: 旅馆之夜 (1184) 00:32:26
OST #17: 重返御神体 (1,224) 00:33:56
(WIP) OST #18: 口嚼酒之旅 (1,289) 00:36:16

君の名は。 Kimi No Na Wa Your Name Yumetourou Dream Lantern School Road Itomori High School First View Of Tokyo Cafe At Last Theme Of Ms. Okudera Unusual Changes Of Two Zen Zen Zense Goshintai Date Autumn Festival Evoking Memories Kuchikamizake Trip

Pages 121
Duration 42:35
Measures 1604
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 27
Part names Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Piano(2), Violin, Viola, Cello, Strings(5), Harp, Voice, Guitar(4), Bass, Percussion(5), Synthesizer
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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