SYMPHONY#4 "Babel #1" op.120 Lawenforcement charged 47 times w/manslaughter 2014-15but each year around1,000fatal police shootings.22 officers charged in last 2 years?

Uploaded on Nov 16, 2015

THIS IS GOING TO HAVE 5 SECTIONS. WILD ,RANCOROUS BIRD-LIKE 1ST MOVEMENT LIKE AMERICA NOW . SLOW - 2nd Mov. FLYING AWAY FROM IT ALL . IT is my 4th symphony ! No Babel is the best title esp for the chaotic moments. I'm trying to write late classical music now .My Weber pastiche will be neato but this Babel is one of my F A V O R I T E S ! I visit this everyday I can't even believe some of my ideas .the slow bassoons befor 2 with slight upper wind accent i love.the harmonies were found by mistke absolutely lovely . I can write so much music .Good music .Bad msic .Vitality is the object does it move and does it move you !!! Everyday each page must be needs revision .First movement strong and full of confusion imagery that needs reinforcement all throughout percussion ,winds and strings !no. 3 will be humors bassoons soli everwhere will have to give each separate stave or use voice separater -we see !!!As of Jan 15 this has a long way to go .Structurally motifs will increase in domination and importance and symphonic scale may be reached .Could this be my 3rd symphony's .It is very close to sketches I made a year ago for 3rd symph !

moving music ! mARTIN'S B A B E L MARTIN'S symphony #4

Pages 85
Duration 12:43
Measures 356
Key signature natural
Parts 57
Part names Piccolo, Flute(4), Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet(4), Bassoon(2), Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Timpani, Percussion(9), Piano, Harpsichord, Organ, Violin, Strings(5), Contrabass
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Herr Velde really has the clarity to see me. I make this music ecause it interests me . If I could write a Brahms 1st or 3rd symp I wouldn;t see da purpose. this is the 21st century .What other music is even valid.Yesterday I listened to a work I grew up with and played in countless contests .mozart k.467 .Its so beautiful but I dont care about that ritualized, propriety , logical progression ,civilized , polite though neve boring music.Beethoven is where it starts for me- cuz Im mad and disconsolate and a bunch else. Recently ive been creating sound environments and thats a lotta fu.Long , really long single harmonies that last a fullminute. this might be my next exploration.also just cuz Picasso did it 100 years ago or Renzo Piano is doing it now - What matters is when I can do that. I cant do Ligeti or Pintscher or that kind of sound wolrd.I can do Brian eno,Hassel etc. and may keep doing this sound environment for a while .I aint goota complain or explain as noone else making painting, sculpture ,architecture poop in a toilet or whathave you . i do as i please aint gotta have a reason or excuse im having fun dats it . i know many languages and some latin too but i prefer to type lis dis. dats kkooo koo kooo .aint nobody paying my bills i do as i p leeze git git git in da heez wit da beeez
Honestly I like this. I like a lot of contemporary art music and I don't think it should be ripped apart by people whose tastes do not incline to that. However as the uploader himself remarked somewhere in the comments:'there are hundreds of other people doing what I do' and that is the problem for me, I feel like it's all been heard before and frankly done to death in the last 25 years. And there is undoubtedly quite a lot of deliberate and random mimicry of atonality and rhythmic quirkiness for effect.
That said, there is a lot to be said for this piece. It's not at all rubbish. If the uploader would calm down a little when writing descriptions it might help. I see you are thinking faster than writing. Slow down, let things breath a moment.
this music is totally jejeune : will have to be rewritten. If it is going to be about olice brutality and perhaps use the architectural modre popular in the 1970's alled BRUTALISM then it has to have mre than the haphazard theme it has now .It must be tied to black empowrment and thta means the black socio-historical msico legacy . It is the end of May 2017 and i have decided along with my 2nd piano conceto , my 2nd viola concerto to spend at least 6 months workin on these three pieces. i have 60 piano pieces that need to be put online ut its Feb-april2017 work so I dont kow how to do the new work and keep up with the old - ut thru te creation all tings are possible for me . Hope and good luck always follow me !!!
I was recently on Soundcloud and came across your account. After listening to a couple of your pieces, I proceeded to click on the links provided on your page. Can I ask why a link (https://exit.sc/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmusescore.com%2Fuser%20%2F289886%2F%20The%20Natural%20Behavior%20of%20Sounds) leads to my account and profile here on Musescore?
I'm going to start by saying that I much prefer more traditional writing than contemporary. That being said, I am taking it for what it is, and I will say that this is a unique, and oddly charming composition. You utilise so many different rhythms and effects within the piece, and it's great. Prejudices about the style aside, it is a fantastic composition. I may not desire to use this as an inspiration, as our styles & tastes differ, but great job!
thanks! i luv when people tell me how my music affects them. i affect that i dont care but its obvious i do!
I think the title is causing the most of the backlash and that someone has the AUDACITY to have an opinion on the internet.
Because how dare they have an opinion different than ours?
As probably the only one the listened that far, I'm just gonna say that 9:33 is just moving.
I'm confused by your composing. You also don't know how to title an upload. If you want to put some random information in your title, do it on youtube, because at least there people will appreciate your stupidity. Also why is the about section nonsensical?

Yours dearly,
yes missy Manning there is aplace for u right next to me sissy in miami cum eet sum TACOSBELUGA
humpty dumpty had a great fall . humpty dumpty can eat it all .
Honestly, I think he is mentally impaired in some way. Therefore, he has a profoundly "unique" perception of everything, including music and language.
That's my assumption anyway.

Honestly, this, although it is poorly(?) rated by critics, I do think it's a lot better than a good chunk of stuff, including some of my own compositions(cause' they're trash). Great song, very unique to your style.
True, I do think it is a little bit bad but I'm much worse.
I think all critics are jealous because you are a god to the modern music!!!
A big job for a very good composer
This specific piece right here is just amazing '-'. The second movement is fantastic. If 21st ccentury boy is reading this, This is AWESOME.
A well controlled, distorted piece. Thank you for uploading this, I have much to learn from you!
Please do not say so, he has his own styles. If you have something to suggest, please do so, but please try to be careful if what you are typing could actually hurt anyone's feelings.
I awe at your kindness Brian . I'm tuff and tough enough . No one here (knows much -least of all how to write effectively ))could hurt my feelings . THis is not for everyone - nor should it be . I am way past college - my feelings can't be hurt by someone disliking my " stuff in stuffes ". You sweet , sweet young thingy- souls .
SirFlubasquishus ! AND EXTRACUBES I love thOSE NAMES.i WISH i COULD BE A LITTLE KID AGAIN! I love it when people listen and sometimes dont get everything I tryto do.I'm ambitious and I REQUIRE AMBITIOUS LISTENERS .
I like lots of stuff I might not understand.I love Elliott Carter and Boulez and I know nothing about serialism. The children here simply want to play .Don't hold it against them . I sho don't . My teachers ain't on this website but I do learn from every comment I receive that has been the best lesson for me . Understand the other viewpoint and your heart grows bigger and you feel great . I hope I will have the required meanness when my time comes that I need it .For now I'm like Miss SLOCUM Ize gots to feed my pussys . For I have many !!! hehehe and a hahaha . That's called a buttSNACK ! nothing like the old sackbut .
A very strange piece of music, I think. Definitely more 'modern' than anything I've ever heard. Maybe, though, you consider arranging the piece for fewer instrumentalists ... like I've noticed, some people aren't enthusiastic about this music, so it might be hard to get a very broad appeal. However, I think it has potential as a piece for piano or just a few instruments.
Hey thanks .Try Roger Sessions and Missy Mazzoli .there are a million people doing what i do and most better for i have nothing but 4 semesters of college music theory but I have read theory in other fields . Also I don't seek appeal or approval .I have no teachers on muse but my work appeals to at least 6 people who left comments here and that's enuf fo' me pussy and dawgs - lot of people who know less than me and are just in middleschule. The heart knows and is much stronger than the brain .5000 times more. Just feed ya pussy and stay happy .
Please remove this score from the MuseScore Virtual Orchestra Group.
Well you have to have it voted on by the orchestra first. Sorry, but rules are rules.
Thanks . My goal is to work on about 5 pieces for a 2 month period and not start any new work ! Funny . I have tha problem . Thanks for keeping up with me !
I usually just come here to see the kind of comments people put on these, but I must say, this is a truly different approach to music than I am used to seeing (take that as you will). Music is an art, and can definitely mean different things to different ears, and while this type is not necessarily my favourite, I do enjoy seeing some diversity..........
Thanks . With maturity comes the ability to open up to the unfamiliar . Thanks for visiting my page and please check out my older stuff .
Around bar 84 or something there is apparent influence of Philip Glass
It's just a little too spontaneous for my tastes. I'm sure other people like it, though.
I see that this work is still under development. I'll be very interested to read and hear your final version. I love Sir Malcolm Arnold's work.
Thanks . Your responses mean the world to me . Working on my celo concerto tonight . Check out Unsuk Chin's violin concerto and her luminous cello concerto !
Ah. Another God-awful piece of yours in which a giant orchestra is assembled to create a terrible piece that dares you to sit through it without praying that it stops.