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It zzsch his April 242019imo tireyardwhutevber and i aint cum back to dis muzicke tayyatI have decided now in May 2018 to rework this glorious idea into the glorious music it could be and might have earlier ? Sooner Eternally be someewhere out there e in cincinattus' imagination . He is the main character in Nabokov's Invitation to a Behaeading of which I am maing into an opera ! YESTERDAY . Maybe in addition to Bach ,Fasch,Graupner,Scarlattiand Vivaldi .ORCHESTRALManeuversnthDarkop.48(1.VIVI VIVIDiumVOCOVIVALDI2.intheForest3.PITCHBLACK4.atmosp5.NightMoves 6."HARD Objects in aSPACE Narrative(for GALINA USTVOLSKAYA ) 7.("APPROXIMATIONS") JACKSON POLLOCK,MORRIS LOUIS,HELENFRANKENTHALER,MARK ROTHKO N Maybe a Beatles "yesterday in Handel concerto grosso style might be in order. We'll see - all of this is taking time and I lost all the variants I added to Vivaldi .so...begin again ...
What is this anyway ? About how none of us is independent of history .We can not be predicte d because we are not machines -so taking Shakespeare's brain or Einstein's brain will not yeild the same results no matter how closely we recapitulate their events ,places and etc- even if such were at all possible . OOOH ! I returned to this idea -then April8 and I havent touched this score in 2 months !!! So today April 1 2 !I will try to make something of it . ??? how to add to, distress Vivaldi's score. Expect bongos, crotales, vibes ,trumpets and many other instruments to change the texture, meaning and movement of original score plus I will be adding all kinds of different rhthyms and hartmonies,tropes ,materialistic varieties and methods to make the score my own ! It only started getting good when I rewrote the second part VIVIDIUM ON JAN.26 . it got better on Feb 1st when I started writing VIVID VIVIDIUM VIVALDI 2015! S O WHO HEARS IT AFTER 450 PEOPLE ONLY HEARD MY PEEKA -PICKA - PECKA BABY BABY STEPS . i AM HAVING GREAT FUN AND i SO ADORE vIVALDI'S IDEA AND VERVE IN NAMING HIS QUATRRO STIGLIONE THE CONTEST OF HARMONY AND INVENTION i AM THINKING ABOUT DOING THE SAME !!! And so at 4 :o7 ON FEB 1ST I STARTED REWRITING somesumma VIVALDI AND TELEMANN'S SUITE IN A MAJOR .
I started rewriting vidivividivivaldiumana - so close to Bunuel's VIRIDIANA A TRULY GREAT FILM! .God what a perfect world we would have if great philosophical texts and great film were in everybody's experience.Instead each bonobo MAKES THE SAME PRIMITIVE PROPoSITIONS AND PRESUPPOSITIONS primitive idiotic ecce homo too human mistakes and idiocies his great grandfathers made -this is why the wORLD continues frighfully on mistake blundering mistake after another.If ONLY I COULD START A CHURCH TO CONTINUE THE WORK OF THE ENLIGHTENMENT.lOOK AT JEFFERSONS BIBLE HE CUT OUT EVERY PASSAGE WITH JESUS'NAME IN IT AND LOOK AT BEN FRANKLIN AND ADAM'S AND WASHINGTON.WASHINGTON WOULD NOT ACCOMPANY MARTHA TO CHURCH.BECUZ HE KNEW NONSENSE WHEN IT WAS PRESENT .FREETHINKERS ALL OF THEM.AMERICA IIIZZZZCOULDA BEEN A GREAT EXPERIMENT. LENIN TRIED AND MAO-TSE TUNG TRIED BOTH FAILED MISERABLY.socialism aint fer huMAN BEINGS GIB IT TO DEE
COMPUTERS PEOPLE WANT MO SEX MO FOOD MO FAME MO BENE BUONO BIENEFITS EAT YA BUGGERS WHO CARESI MUST FOUND A CHURCH.MARY BAKER EDDY WAS A RELIGIOUS GENIUS.THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF HER TYPE!!! Viridiana- a religious ,good pious girl who wants to be a good person! Well see the film and see whar the poor folk and drunk bums do to her beautiful estate that she lets them live freely upon with her ever abundant virtues and need to do good in the world! Bunuel and Dali both were born good Catholic Spaniards I (dont thinkdali ever spoke against the church publicly he knew which sode his bread was buttered on but.Bunuel made great films criticising unthoughtful,nonsensical attitudes .as every intelligent man does sooner or later (oopsI know this will infuriate many unthinking and thinking souls here but ooooh I jes cain't hips meself!!
MY AIMS ARE SUGGESTED BY THESE TITLES . ROY hARRIS heard Ustvolskaya's violin sonata in 1958 and said out loud "it's kind of ugly" That was a different America and noone in this country was making music anything remotely like this student of Shostakovich he himself said of of her she was" truth in music" and not only was she the best of his many star pupils but she was a voice in her own right. I feel such a kinship to the grotesque and "ugly"(it ain't ugly to me I cherish obsessively reimagine ,lovingly wait for the nest unusual timbre,harmony,instrumental combination in her virile declamatory work in her work

SPECTRAL MUSIC Graupner Vivaldi's the Seasons Orchestral Maneuvers in the DArk Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

Pages 84
Duration 39:01
Measures 782
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 87
Part names Flute(2), Recorder(2), Other Woodwinds, Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet(2), Bassoon(2), Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone(2), Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(24), Guitar(2), Voice, Synthesizer, Harpsichord, Harp, Strings(3), Contrabass
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