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For Symphony Orchestra

Uploaded on Nov 23, 2018

I compose in bits and pieces and everyday the music becomes more of itself - someting bigge than me and not
wholly comprehensible or always accessible to me but through me . i earn from hidden places in my psyche
and imagination just as you do . what i read a year ago
is not the same story if I have changed and listened and
learned and grown in wisdom from when i first saw a movie or read an article or story . We become ourselves! Music for an symphonic Orchestra "a metaphysics of the present and a coded warning to those who forget their identities or do not acknowledge the work of others of every nationality, sex ,creed ,philosophy and race who have come before and in ART are WITH THEM . It Is THOUGH THEM WE know andSPEAK OF MUSIC . All of humanity swims though created works and it all belongs to all of us ! Mozart belongs to the swahili man as well as Coltrane belongs to the Alabama farmer . BUT THEY M UST HEAR AND RECOGNIZE THIS ! We gain nothing at all by setting up bounaries and limitaions on our appreciations -and too just as vital i now know wheter it sounds silly or not but white, yellow, black ,brown ,red, green people cannot ignore their inheritances .That is not to say Dostoevsky , Shakespeare , Sartre ,Mishima ,Wole Soyinka ,Machado and countlessothers do not belong to others . all humans on this earth are related adn "we are all of us here together
together here but some of us are looking at the stars as Chrissie Hynde of he Pretendrs sings In THeMessag Of Love , living trying to find solutions and joys in
life. you cry ou smile and so do all the rest of us . Please never forget you are less difeen from me and we all of us
are less diffeent from dogs and cats than we have been lead to believe . eveery living thing has some heart in this
matter . all animals want to live an when an insect senses danger it too says " I WANT TO LIVE " some religious peple
swep the grund as they walk so they wil not hurt insects. the Jansenists understand truly whee we all come from !My music hinges on digression . In this symphony a reworking of a six year old score that only had a !st movement because i never got back to it and didn't thinnk icould add anythig insightful to it . well I'm alive and i think and feeleveryday soi can add things .I now wanted to revisit the classical period of Hadyn,Boccherini,Mozart,Pergolsi,J.c.Bach etc because not only do i love this music and grew up with it but i nowknow my mission must be to COLONIZE it the way Africa and Theeast an Asia were colonized. Itmust becomenot THEMUSIC as it was for centuries implying that only Western european Culture had merit and hat literally only the white contribution to art really mattered meaning only europeans could thnk . I have to show using allkind of neologisms of contemporary practie as well as music from other cultures what a musis can be - a music that does not slight any culture ot=r tradition but that includes as much of all the imaginations that have and are still flowering . Clasical music has been a closd society until Debussy heard gamelans in Te World expo an other musicians decided to use sounds and borrow from other traditions it was a CLOSED STRATEGY .A closed system and that is only one of the reasons its out of touchness is and may never be in tune with he constant capitalist machine of musi with people and words telling you what ou should feel. an instrument too as a voice as well as any imagination playing it and any composer writing for it !!t of We can be ! As of December 5 a lot of disparte moments . Which is my thing . Cogency is no great thing
in music !but i have faith in myself. Johannes Brahmshad great intelligence , style, and genius and was 43 or so before he finished hus 1st symphny . im scatterbrained and host of other ills so Im doing just fine . I'm gonna keep DREAMing MY DREAM and jhope to go back to grad school so i can work with some Mastercomposers ! and learn and sore with
the eages and all my heroes ! This is gonna take a while ! Let's hope by 2020 it willl resemble my masterpiece. I have 5 other sketches I thik thet are on Muse and they too are waiting for me to focus and begin the real work of making a symphony of many instruments aounds , wonders , timbres and experiences hopefully with someting of wisdom to ipart !

THE WAY WE WERE neoclassic Symphony1TheWayWeWere

Pages 16
Duration 10:08
Measures 312
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 75
Part names Piccolo, Flute(3), Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet(3), Bassoon(3), Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn(2), Trumpet(2), Trombone(2), Timpani, Percussion(29), Synthesizer(5), Other Woodwinds, Guitar(4), Piano(2), Harp(2), Bass(2), Violin, Strings(7), Contrabass
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