(wip2/7) H O W L . alternately known as V O M I T / : musica reservata in memory of ALLEN GINSBURG with MEXICAN BOYZ TOYLETT for WILLIAM BURROUGHS OP.53 gotta find dalong poem ...

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Uploaded on Feb 5, 2015

it is 5: 57 a.m.Sat morning the 7th of February and I'm trying to create a believable place . This is fantasy music not suited to this famous poem . Then again ... Writing music to evoke certain occasions. Occassional mu-sick ! Vomit would be a better name than howl. How about hurlchucky or just H U R L ! brillante . I really need to study cardew and frank zappa and carter burwell is taking up entire evenings . film music is enlivening so freeing.I can do what i want with competlely different constrains.sonata form and rondo are so passe .Who da hell needs 'em . This is obviously an Oratorio with chorus time ! Has anyone set Ginsberg howl before.I'm sure there have been several it aint that novel an idea . Richard Wright's BlackBoy is cumming a hear soon ! Whitman 's selections from Song of Myself tonight if I can finish my instrument research ! is coming . Is a C oming .

mu-sick oratorios 21st century oratorios settings of allen ginsburg settings of philip roth settings of william burroughs

Pages 13
Duration 05:18
Measures 125
Key signature natural
Parts 98
Part names Piccolo(2), Flute(3), Other Woodwinds(3), Recorder(4), Oboe(3), English Horn, Baritone Saxophone(5), Clarinet(6), Bassoon(2), Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, French Horn(2), Trumpet(5), Trombone(3), Tuba(2), Timpani, Percussion(39), Guitar(4), Bass, Voice(3), Piano, Harpsichord, Harp(2), Violin, Strings(7), Cello, Contrabass
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