The Video Game Epic Medley: For Orchestra

Uploaded on Nov 13, 2011

All right. After a long time of contemplating doing this, I finally turned my video game epic melody for low brass into a full band arrangement. I used piano music in most cases to re-write all the music to ensure every note is correct. I also am also astounded that there is 29 parts in this song; I just had to keep adding random instruments when I needed them and ended up getting a massive piece. Anyway, this song took forever to make so I hope you enjoy it!
Running List:
-Super Mario Bros
-Dungeon Theme (LOZ)
-Legend of Zelda
-Final Fantasy
-Super Mario 64
-Super Smash Bros Brawl
-Mario Game Over

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This has band instruments in it would have a band/orchestra colab my dude
It's just perfect. Can I use this to produce a song and upload it on YouTube? The source will be in the first line in the description
great job, smooth flow? check. good rhythm? half check. not good but not horrible like 60% of the people on muse score. interesting choices? check. only 3 main complaints: 1. time stamps, put time stamps or measures where different pieces of music start. 2. dungeon part is too quiet. 3. some songs you can add: luigi's mansion, call of duty, Smash 64 add that plz because literally 91% of people on muse score think super Mario 64.
Two thumbs up, but the whole arrangement is so complicated... Makes me feel guilty for thinking my arrangements are very massive. Also, great smoothness in transitioning songs! I would have had a very hard time doing that.
Not trying to be mean just saying the truth. In dungeon the main part is too quiet.
Gee whiz! This is amazing! If I put this on synthesia, it would destroy it;)
This is great, and so long, which I love the most. The nostalgia lasts!
Effort is shown in the scoring, but could you at least do some proper scoring arrangements? It goes from Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and finally strings. Please do not confuse other people. tqvm.
great stuff! just wondering, have you uploaded the individual parts?
OMG How long does it took to make this?
Are you going to add some Sonic the Hedgehog Music? Also the Punch Out! theme would be nice.
Dude, this is awesome! May I ask, could my high school perform this at our finale concert? Like, would you be okay with that?
My high school band is doing the Legend of Zelda for their Marching Show. #DrumPitForTheWin
I'm so jealous, I wish we would do a video game show. That would be awesome...
You should remake this with music like destiny, splatoon, mario circuit, and other stuff. Love the portal though great plan with putting that in there. :)
Doombot, someone stole this composition from you, here's the score --> https://musescore.com/user/1669246/scores/945171 you can report him if you wish
This is so awesome!!!!! Is it okay if I show this to my music teacher and ask him if we can play it next year. The only change that would be made is the addition of cello and viola. The notes and parts would stay the same, because this is, like, perfect.
Go for it. And fell free to make any changes you fell necessary.
This should have vocals in performance though.
Three Violin parts, but NO Viola or Cello parts?!? This is a great piece, but it's not a full orchestra without at least those two instruments. Especially the Violas...
Cellos are needed, Violas are not, they add like 4 notes to the violin's range. Realistically, if violins had 5 strings there would be no need for violas anymore. Basically violas are ugh. :)
Actually, a violin isn't built to handle notes that low. It can barely handle the G-String with its puny size as-is. A viola has the size advantage to bring G-String tone and C-String tone and notes to an orchestra where a five string violin would either sound gross in the low range, or both ranges. Same thing for the high range with the idea of a five string viola. Neither instrument is able to do it all, and the Cellos can't quite replace them because of the octave difference. Violas may be a bit of a niche, but they're definitely important to a complete, beautiful full orchestra sound.
Almost impossible to play just the part. Almost always play the tuba part with it. :)