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I just listened to 2CELLOS playing this and figured out the notes. Most of it should be correct.
For tempo and dynamics, watch their video on Youtube.

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brewerae's picture

Is there any way to convert this to piano music? Or know of someone who has made the sheet music for it?

christopher.nerf's picture

In musescore you can right click the staff, select properties, and change things that way; you can also change the clef quite easily by click the clef, and selecting a new on on the left hand side; If you need to raise, or lower, the notes simply click on them, or select a group with the mouse, and raise use the up and down arrow key (use ctrl + up or down to do an octave at a time).

He answers, only a year later...

lukeario's picture

due to copyrights, they couldn't include this song in their sheet music book. though they thought to mention that it was supposed to be in it. Thanks for figuring it out!

JaycobDale's picture

You hit it spot-on! (: Great job, I've been looking for this score for so long.

alexander's picture

If you want the cellos to do really pizz., you can right-click pizz, select properties I believe and select channel and pizzicato. To end it you should do the same with arco.
Besides that little unimportant detail, I really like it since I play cello myself and I posted The resistance by 2cellos already on this website.
If you like the work from 2cellos, you might enjoy this:

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Uploaded Jul 25, 2012
Pages 3
Duration 4:44
Measures 81
Key signature natural
Parts 2
Part names
  • Cello (2)
License All rights reserved
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