[Doki Doki Literature Club] Your Reality (Credits)

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2017

Maelstrom had posted a wonderful arrangement on Youtube, which can be found here.

I decided to clean up and edit the MIDI a bit, and turn it into a Musescore!
Enjoy, everyone, and please play the game if you haven't.

doki doki literature club can you hear me just monika

Pages 4
Duration 02:54
Measures 77
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Creative Commons copyright waiver
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Do you mind if I edit it slightly to make it more playable and accurate to the original OST? I'll credit you
it's not a sheet music boss dude >~<
Thank you so much Ive been looking for this!
LIke how your username being "Monika" is looking for a song that "You" wrote🤣
Is there some way to play the left hand on the 2nd page? I need help. Any suggestions?
Oh, thanks, but I actually found out that I can do (In the octave below middle C) C-G-C-G, A-E-A-E, F-C-F-C, G-D-G-D. I find that is sounds accurate.
Is it fine if I play 28-34 lines like lines 5-12?
for measure 7 both the left hand and the right are playing the same G
I noticed that. I play the G with both hands anyway
Every day, I imagine a future where I can be with you
In my hand is a pen that will write a poem of me and you
The ink flows down into a dark puddle
Just move your hand - write the way into his heart!
But in this world of infinite choices
What will it take just to find that special day?
What will it take just to find that special day?

Have I found everybody a fun assignment to do today?
When you're here, everything that we do is fun for them anyway
When I can't even read my own feelings
What good are words when a smile says it all?
And if this world won't write me an ending
What will it take just for me to have it all?

Does my pen only write bitter words for those who are dear to me?
Is it love if I take you, or is it love if I set you free?
The ink flows down into a dark puddle
How can I write love into reality?
If I can't hear the sound of your heartbeat
What do you call love in your reality?
And in your reality, if I don't know how to love you
I'll leave you be
You just wasted a lot of my time. X)

Just Monika, indeed, Yuri.
A classmate asked me to do this as a favor, but I see why people like this game now.
is it possible that this can be made into a one parted piece for treble clef, yet for violin?
I'm currently attempting to transcribe this, and I'd love to know that as well.
I notice there are some parts where the bottom line changes from bass to treble clef. Is this just a typo or are those notes supposed to be played as treble?
The lower staff can be played in the treble clef too. A lot of songs have this
I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be played as treble for those parts.
Haven't played he game cuz mah sis says there are.... disturbing parts but, I am gonna learn this for my sis.
there are disturbing parts, so definitely don't play it if you feel like you're sensitive to those things. It is a really good game overall, though!
In true Doki Doki fashion, when you download it as a pdf and open in word it is completely and eerily broken :)
♪ what will it take, just to find... that special day ♪
Great composition and added variation! Someday I’ll be able to play it ;-;
Can this be played on a 54 key piano?
I unfortunately do not have a reply to that! I've always used 88 keys. You can omit some of the lower and higher notes and shift it towards the middle if necessary. The melody jumps octave from time to time, but those don't have to be done.
I'm playing this at my school talent show - it's perfect!
God I love Monika so unbelievably much
This song is scary because it’s so happy..... burrrrrrrrrrrr.
Is this suppose to be a duet?
Hello! So user... You're cool! Respect! I just want to notice that I make Remix on Newgrounds. Is it okay?
can someone please change the bass [part into treble notes so it's easier to play?
There should be a way to do so by downloading the musescore file and editing the clef. It should change all the notes automatically. You can use CTRL-ARROW UP/DOWN to shift the octave.
I just finished the game and hearing this kind of just makes me ache inside, although it is a really really good recreation of the song, so thank you!