Uploaded on Jul 25, 2017

Rag ragtime jazz piano

Pages 3
Duration 2:35
Measures 55
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Meravligioso! Aglio e limone; due dei i miei sapori preferiti. Il titolo si adatta bene. È molto interessante in parti, ma complessivamente molto buono!

Another great 'Allegranza Classic'! One small query: at the end of Bar 45, I wonder whether as the Melody descends, the final RH note F(#) should be restored to F natural? That way, the chord-change across bar-line 45-46 becomes more regular. In that case, you might possibly also lower the G# that comes in front of the F ? (but not to alter anything in the LH).
EDIT (an afterthought, so now there are two small queries !): In Bar 52, I've tried the experiment of moving the upper 'F' in the LH chord A-C-F, so that now it is played one Octave lower (ie. F-A-C ). Do you hear the difference? I apologise if I am speaking too much like your teacher ;-) ... but truly, Luca, it is I who am learning so much from the study of your music ...

Fantastic, appetizing rag! You're certainly becoming one of the most prolific rag writers. (I wonder who is the record holder.) Quantity is, of course, nothing without quality, but you have no trouble with quality either. You maintain a very high standard in all your work!

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Hear Hear! Max Keenlyside (although not on MuseScore) has more than 30 modern Rags; and others such as Adrian Sese (on NoteFlight) have a significant number. The Rag composer who first brought me to this site (Matt Pribelszky) has about 15; showing his very special love of Minor Rag. There are many others well worth attention! I cannot express how optimistic I am, to see just how well these people of younger generations respond to the challenges set by Joplin, Scott and Lamb!