Skyrim Theme for Piano


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This is an arrangement of the theme from Skyrim, Dragonborn, for piano. I have been looking for good, free, piano music for this song for the longest time. I figured since I couldn't find a good arrangement anywhere, I would come up with one myself for other people to use as well! Enjoy!

Genre: Contemporary
Format: Composition

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UrielSei's picture

Anyone ever tried a play through of Skyrim on Legendary? Very difficult.

Manel Návola's picture

Congrats on 200K views!!!

GumballWaterson's picture

hm, lol. There are a lot of mistakes -_-
Man engaged in electronic music will understand once and see the mistakes .
And in the beginning it is heard , that plays a machine...

il3107's picture

In the last beat of bar 16, I think the B is meant to be a C#

amazinghuntrat's picture

Right when this page starts is by far the best part for me

amazinghuntrat's picture

Right when this page starts is by far the best part for me

Arian Misino's picture

Estan muy buenas estas partituras.
Gracias por subirlas.

deathpop0's picture

skyrim is amazing!!!!!!!!

RayA's picture

I am a 7th grader who is learning to play the piano. I would like to play this Skyrim theme at my Guild recital (A test of piano ability). Could I have permission to perform this for Guild?

s-jlincoln's picture

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. I would listen to this all day.

the real theroacker123's picture

THANK YOU I HAVE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR THIS. I created my own account on MuseScore JUST so I can comment on this awesome score.

ashraya.shrestha.549's picture

I made an account on MuseScore just so I can rate and get awesome video game sheet music

Learon's picture

I love it, quite an amazing arrangement.

java-man's picture

speechless, amazing, and you talented genius. amazing piece

Naruto_Uzumaki's picture


Kieron Elms's picture

This is awesome! Finally I've found a really good arrangement that I like!

Noahlikespie's picture

Wow! This is just amazing! Good job!

the guitarist's picture

You wrote it very well!

o99o99's picture

Really good! I've been looking for this. Just one small thing I noticed, which you should correct: The first two beats of bar 7 should actually occur simultaneously, and everything after should be moved back a beat.

freewaymini911's picture

Finally someone fills that out correctly >-*

freewaymini911's picture

Finally someone doesn't leave that blank >.<

Punk3r4LiF3's picture

Thank god I finally found these sheets.

Karl-Hendrik Veidenberg's picture

nope thank the guy that posted these. :D

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Uploaded Jul 11, 2012
Pages 3
Duration 2:06
Measures 35
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 1
Part names
  • Piano
License All rights reserved
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