Bluecoats 2016 "Down Side Up" Full Show

Uploaded on Jun 26, 2016

All credit goes to Vince Oliver, Tim Rarick, Doug Thrower and all the rest of the Bluecoats arrangers and designers for such an amazing show.

This is a collaboration between:
Dillon Reese (Brass), and
Hunter Davis (https://musescore.com/hwdpunisher) (Front Ensemble and Battery Percussion).
With additional help from:
psuckiel (https://musescore.com/user/3248126).
Weavere19 (https://musescore.com/user/5667891).
JewSoRandom (https://musescore.com/user/163049).
shadowslayer765 (https://musescore.com/user/3575146)
and CrankFrank.

This was started very early season and the progression has been amazing! This show is very unique and we've never heard anything like this on the field before. We are covering the full show in this transcription!

This program's repertoire:
Aurél HOLLÓ - "Jose/BeFORe JOHN5"
Pat Metheny - "Heat of the Day"
Project Trio - "Raga Raja"
Anver Dorman - "Udacrep Akubrad"
Pink Floyd - "The Great Gig in the Sky"
Ojos de Brujo - "Todo Tiende"

We have discontinued this transcription. As it has been completed to the best of mine and the rest of the collaborators abilities. Thanks again so much to all of them!

Update Log:
June 25th - Started score.
June 26th - Finished opener and started movement 2.
June 27th - Finished movement 2 and also fixed opening rhythms and notes.
June 28th - Started ballad up to big hit w/piano, low brass, and flugelhorn solo.
June 29th - Finished ballad (took forever... but so worth it).
July 1st - Adding all auxiliary stuff 'till mellophone entrance, a little marimba in movement 2, also added snare break.
July 3rd - Added pit up to the snare break and updated/fixed various things with brass
July 4th - Added pit up through low brass feature, and added trombone octet. And also added brass further into the closer.
July 7th - Various minor additions/changes to hornline parts.
July 9th - Added pit through all of movement 2 and some vibes in ballad.
July 11th - Finished pit in ballad and changed a few hornline parts throughout.
July 13th - Adjusted hornline parts a lot in movement 2.
July 14th - Added snare throughout movement 2 and quads on second half of movement 2 along with other adjustments. Also updated trombone octet.
July 23rd - Fixed many things throughout and added many new quad parts including the feature.
July 27th - Added many new synth parts and vibe parts as well as fixed many other parts.
August 7th - Fixed the layout of the closer & also adjusted many things throughout with many fixes in the hornline part.
August 10th - Fixed a few chords and many small changes throughout.
August 11th - General Improvements made to the score. Too many little things updated to actually list, lol.
August 21st - Percussion part minus basses finished in opener, bass feature added. Many adjustments throughout movements 1-2 because of the horncams released, and major improvements to the ballad which includes bass trombone part and additional mello runs!
August 29th - Many small changes in chord structure throughout.
September 7th - Added snares and tenors through half of movement 4 and drum break. Fixed other percussion and hornline parts throughout. Thanks to for letting me use his improved marimba feature.
October 2nd - Finished all battery except basses. Made hornline very accurate.
December 6th - Re-formatted the entire score & title page. Completed the drum set part. Added onto (and corrected several areas of) the front ensemble and battery parts. Fixed some small brass articulation. Added and fixed some time and key signatures in a few areas.
January 2nd (Final Update) - Changed the '2/4 to 3/8' time signature to 7/8 time at measures 52 and 67 in the opener. Tweaked drum set part at measure 26 and 67/68, and tweaked drum set rhythm from measures 61-67. Added more to the acoustic guitar part. Added more to the auxiliary percussion part. Added LOTS more marimba and vibraphone parts (and tweaked many areas). Finished all front ensemble parts. Add some additional little battery parts in a few areas.

DCI Bluecoats Bluecoats 2016 Down Side Up

Pages 44
Duration 11:17
Measures 447
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 39
Part names Trumpet (3)
French Horn (5)
Trombone (8)
Tuba (2)
Percussion (17)
Piano (2)
Other woodwinds
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Amazing! Great job. I bet a heck of a lot of work went into transcribing and arranging this!

I know a member of the bluecoats! His name is Coleman. He helps teach our marching band.

Ok so one of my good friends (Zack White) was the center snare for this show and I showed him this and he was shook, he said (from what he remembered) it was nearly perfect, A+++

Euph 2. fixes:

Euph. 2 doesn't have C/B notes at the combined part before 250 bpm Drum Break in the Opener, unless they changed something. They have the Euph 1. part there. Video: ~4:45

Towards the end of the Trumpet solos (the one that starts with the throaty trill) Euph 2 has the end notes with Baritone and Bass Trombone (5/4 before the 4/4 again)

12/8 at 172bpm (After Trombone fanfare stuff/after Bar/Euph go back to Bar/Euphs) Euph. 2's low G right after Mello/Bar melody and as everyone has long notes, is an octave higher.

Mellophone triplets and Low brass whole notes. Both Euph parts have half rest then half note on B/G, instead of a whole note B/G.

After the Euph triplet spot where they return to the high melody, Euph 2. is instead down an octave, and changed notes. A, Ab, F, G, Gb/F#, Eb, Db, D

Last two notes on Euph 2 are also A.


Oh... my... God... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Also, FYI, this is the number one thing that popped up on my Google search when I looked up "Down Side Up transcription"! I love it!!!!

Is it possible to print individual parts or is that completely impossible? (I've never used muse score before so yeah)

In reply to by Porpoise87

Thanks! Well it was started on June 25th and was updated nearly every month until the final update at the beginning of January. If you look in the description, you can see all of the progress made throughout the time this was being transcribed.

I feel like there is something wrong with the first flugelhorn solo. If you listen to the finals run, you hear the soloist do a syncopated rhythm in 268. That was the only thing that was bothering me, sorry. Other than that, Perfect score! lol

I've listened to this on the mobile MuseScore app, and I believe there's a bug with the snares sounding like horns? I know this sounds ridiculous, but there's a Euph playing the snare part...

Like what you do. I too am a transcriber. I'm currently transcribing Santa Clara Vanguard's Scheherazade (2014).

Amazing job on the piece of music, absolutely flawless, I am a huge fan of DCI and when I found this I immediately fell in love with your work. Is there any way that you could post individual parts for those who can't and need a premium membership?

Hey, nice work! Can you tell me how to fix the snare and tenor drum noises, the snare is played by a guitar sound and the tenor drums are played by a piano instead of drums, thanks! Again outstanding work! :)