Guess the Song Ren's Version (2/12/18)

Uploaded on Nov 29, 2017

I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to make one anyway. I've never used any kind of music writing software before so I was learning as I went. (I've spent way to much time on this XD) Anyway, you can find some songs from anime, games, movies, and a few random ones. I hope you enjoy!

I'll keep adding songs as long as there's an interest! :D

Here are some vague hints for the songs on the first four pages:
#1 Is a character's theme and is from a well known game series (not Legend of Zelda).
#3 is from a very well known anime
#12 is instrumental and obscure... It has a lot in common with song 21...
#19 is from a really long anime.
#22 is from a game series by Nintendo

2/2/18 Update:
added more to song #3

Disclaimer: I did not write any of these songs

Guess the song game anime movie video game random

Pages 15
Duration 12:47
Measures 384
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
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22 is "Don't Speak her Name!" from FE: Awakening
35 is the ending theme from erased
#19 Fairy Tail opening 21 Believe in myself
wild guess, but #45 is ngnl's opening?
#59 Celestial Bodies - Simon Gribbe
#35 is the song that plays when you regain a memory in Breath of the wild right?
#43 is Captain America's theme from Captain America
#44 is Touch the Sky from Brave
#53 is Yesterday by Imagine Dragons
#57 Dark Souls 3 theme
#64 overwatch victory theme or superman theme
#1 Goddess Theme Legen of Zelda Skyward Sword
#12 is from RWBY
#33 Dragonborn Comes
#46 Luigi's Mansion
35 no (I don't think anyone will guess this one anytime soon), 43 yes, 44 yes, 53 yes, 57 yes, 64 yes (overwatch), 1 no (I didn't think this one would be this hard), 12 no (I don't think anyone is going to guess it), 33 yes, and 46 no. Annnnd time to go add more songs, good job!
#76 is Something There from Beauty and the Beast
#39 is town dance from Tangled and #49 is from Sherlock Holmes its written by Hanz Zimmer and #62 is from Thor and #75 is Snow Fairy the first opening for Fairy Tail
Correct! I'm gonna have to start making updates again after all these guesses. o-o
Is #56 "You'll Be In My Heart" from Tarzan (or Phil Collins)?
Yup! Either one works, I'm not very picky. ^-^
Now I think that #42 is "Your Reality" - Credits theme of Doki Doki.
#34 is Pirates of the Caribbean From Marry me suite One day
Yup! I've been waiting for someone to get that one, it's one of my favorites.
#73 - "Megalo strike back" by Toby Fox. Maybe from Earthbound, but I don't play this game yet.
#72 is first Dr. Willy's castle theme from Megaman 2
I think #42 is something from Doki Doki Literature Club. Maybe main theme, but I might be wrong.
You're on the right track with Doki Doki, but the song isn't the main theme
Yeah, but I need a more specific guess for it to count.
#58 is "To Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X, isn't it?
11 is from Lord of the Rings, right?