Dancing Line - The Piano

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Uploaded on Mar 18, 2017

From the App Dancing Line

Dancing Line Dancing Line Piano App Dancing Line App The Piano Dancing Line The Piano

Pages 2
Duration 01:28
Measures 41
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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in measure 31 the a natural should be a g
It sounds like it should be a little faster.
Nice job, just so you know, this Song is actually called empire of angels; by thomas bergenson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izsjRpcgfmk
very impressive you did well i am still practice this song but...you know, i am only 13 years old and finger and speed is not enough XD well.......i love this long
i think it sounds better for 111% but its a very good job
could you make versions for other instruments? the 2nd last measure is too low for some.
No , It's 125 Compare with Dancing Line
This song sounds like the beginning of TSFH- Empire of Angels. oh i just noticed we (Saxy_Clarinet and I) have the same profile pic XD.
Whats funny is its's actually a remix of Empire of Angels ( which I think is really cool! )
I know! When I first heard it I was like "Where have I heard that before?" This is really good! :D
Love it, but it could be better. I like how you made it possible though. :)
Very relaxing and beautiful. I love this music.
Incredible work! Keep Calm And Play Dancing Line!
congratulations..... I tried to recreate that song and it was very hard (come to compas 9) and you did very well
I love this so much! There were a few parts I changed/added to make it sound exactly like the original, but thanks a lotfor the music sheet!
Goodjob on this but do you even play that game.
I'm very happy that I finally found that amazing piano song.
in measure 31 the A on the top line should be a g just saying
It's great, but maybe the metronome should be set to something like 115 or 120 ;)
i wish there is a way to loop this so i can listen to it while doing homework