Undertale OST - Hopes and Dreams/Save the World

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Uploaded on Oct 12, 2015

...but it refused.

I probably missed a diminuendo or crescendo marking somewhere in the music, plez forgiv sempi and pay tem 4 cool leg.

undertale asriel dreemurr hopes and dreams save the world

Pages 7
Duration 04:44
Measures 162
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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im only in grade 2 and trying to play this. although i have taken out the octave notes and am playing it a bit slower. I could play the octave notes because I easily reach 8th and 9th interval chords, and nearly 10ths. I have really big hands
*place gif of asriel flailing his arms on a piano here*
I CAN PLAY SONATINE BUT THIS.... is just to hard XD save me
Like, how? How do you make masterpieces like this?
Hello sir, do you know how to add multi measure rests into scores?
Click M All of the full measure rests next to eachother will become multi measure rests.
You just add multiple rests When you print it out or something, it automatically comes out as a multiple-measure rest.
Me: I will use my DETERMINATION to play this! two measures later DETERMINATION: I'm on break, see ya
Your work here is amazing jozy. Do you mind if I base my own piece off of this for my orchestra?
I'm attempting to learn this on marimba. I can only hold four mallets at a time ;-; Guess I'll just get a friend to play part of it.
Thanks for following me Appreciate it I followed you, and this is the best song you have. -A fellow musescorer
May I arrange this for my orchestra? I'd like to use this score to change to something playable for my school orchestra, if that's okay. :)
Whoa... I'm in Grade 6 rn and I really want to try playing this ;M; I know it's been a long time but thank you for making it <333
Hey guys I'm grade 5 should I learn this or not? (doing level 6 this year)
I'm level 8 and it is still a little hard 4 me. But i would recommend cutting out the octave notes if your hands are small (like mine). Also if you cut out the octaves you will be able you play it faster. I just tinkered around with the music.
lvl 4 and it is pretty easy for me but i have big hands
Flowey: Howdy im flowey the- Me: WEED i mean flowey dont ask i just felt like doing it but still DIS IS AWSOME
ummm huh i shousl try play this when im level 6 not 3 ;-; XD
I'm trying to play it at level three lol
i love this, just finished true pacifist again
Without the music this battle would be hell
This is not gona be determination, this a patience deal right now lol I'm so ded
tries playing one second of this. *You are out of determination
you should a rit. at measure 102. Also im playing this for my recital. AND that is sooooo good.
*clicks download button* but it refused... BECAUSE THE INTERNET IS SOOOO SLLOOOWWW SOMETIMES
Can I make a Temmie Cover of this? I'll credit you .
It sounds kinda off, and only because at the beginning there's no pedal

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