Undertale OST - Hopes and Dreams/Save the World

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Uploaded on Oct 12, 2015

...but it refused.

I probably missed a diminuendo or crescendo marking somewhere in the music, plez forgiv sempi and pay tem 4 cool leg.

undertale asriel dreemurr hopes and dreams save the world

Pages 7
Duration 04:44
Measures 162
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I couldn't help but read this in a Waluigi accent
this song brings a tear to the eye the first few times because its so good
the people who say this is hard either are not that good at piano or they have small hands like me
I'm no good at piano either you just have to learn the song slowly and I bet you could do it if you practised a lot. I know your feel tybear9
wow this has goat to be the best song i've heard for a long time
You have 'goat' to be 'kidding' me
I really want to play thing song or any undertale song but I suck at piano and I tried to learn piano but i never got better
With determination! That isn’t a smart pun! #TeamSansForThePuns
??? I don't understand what pun you're talking about...
wow, i didn't know people really believe in things like this
every one says its really hard... and im just here like, bro im 13 and i can play this...
It's just syncopated chords in the bass. It's not that hard.
What piano level are you on? I'm on level 3
honestly i agree this isn't very hard, im also 13
I'm able to play Megalovania on piano. without chords sadly. I do play B-flat Trumpet though (:
I play flute! I’m 12 and I love playing Undertale songs especially megalovania
Dude. Either you a. have been practicing this for months, b. are a protege, or c. you are lying. You would have to be EXTREMELY good to do this song first try.
I doubt he's lying. This song really isn't all that hard, its like maybe grade 6 level
Wish I could just block people like this.....
before you guys go hating remember that you can simply go to youtube look up hopes and dreams easy mode learn that then go onto medium learn go to hard and learn and you know the whole song!
I would thumb this down, but there is no thumb down button
i think he means the first note
Congrats! you just pissed off at least 6 people! (Honestly, we don't care that you can play this. You were better off just keeping your talent to yourself)
A very good song and I am downloading this to play it. Thank you
*place gif of asriel flailing his arms on a piano here*
I CAN PLAY SONATINE BUT THIS.... is just to hard XD save me
Like, how? How do you make masterpieces like this?
Hello sir, do you know how to add multi measure rests into scores?
Click M All of the full measure rests next to eachother will become multi measure rests.
Me: I will use my DETERMINATION to play this! two measures later DETERMINATION: I'm on break, see ya

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