Undertale OST - Hopes and Dreams/Save the World

Uploaded on Oct 12, 2015

...but it refused.

I probably missed a diminuendo or crescendo marking somewhere in the music, plez forgiv sempi and pay tem 4 cool leg.

undertale asriel dreemurr hopes and dreams save the world

Pages 7
Duration 04:44
Measures 162
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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(imagine this comment in comic sans) heh, not bad kid. I would play this but I might have a bad time...
Can I use this as a blueprint for a Marching show I"m doing? I will give full credit
You need a girlfriend if you think this is real
Mind if i use this as a base plate for an orchestral ver. im working on? I'll give created to you.
Amazing! I love Undertale and i know if you clicked on this song, you do too. I am 13 years old and have been playing the violin for about 7 years now, and this is a fun, and not too hard project and it has been so fun, and just so fun... did i mention it was fun? Amazing work 11/10 would play again every day forever. if you are having problems, use the power found in all humans, but strongest in army men, athletes, video makers, gamers and musicians... DETERMINATION
Or can you name me another modern instrument that plays both clefs at the same time? Go ahead. I challenge you.
Crap. When you realize you screwed up. *Face Palm*
don't forget the xylophone, accordion, organ, etc.
Ay, organ is in both, but plays double bass (aka 3 diff parts for you non-organ folk, lol what does that even mean (facepalms internally)), so it is not exactly gonna be the instruments in this score.
HEY PEOPLES THIS IS AMAZING. I CAN PLAY PART OF IT (And by part i mean the melody, cant even play anything else ;-;) IT'S AWESOME AND SHOULD BE PLAYED OVER AND OVER
How I can play this? It's VEEEEEEERRY hard
I couldn't help but read this in a Waluigi accent
this song brings a tear to the eye the first few times because its so good
the people who say this is hard either are not that good at piano or they have small hands like me
I'm no good at piano either you just have to learn the song slowly and I bet you could do it if you practised a lot. I know your feel tybear9
wow this has goat to be the best song i've heard for a long time
SAANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! STOP IT WITH THE PUNS!!*Le table flips, aprox every table in history ever*
You have 'goat' to be 'kidding' me
I really want to play thing song or any undertale song but I suck at piano and I tried to learn piano but i never got better
hey. no self-promotions on my christian minecraft server.
With determination! That isn’t a smart pun! #TeamSansForThePuns
??? I don't understand what pun you're talking about...
wow, i didn't know people really believe in things like this
every one says its really hard... and im just here like, bro im 13 and i can play this...
It's just syncopated chords in the bass. It's not that hard.
What piano level are you on? I'm on level 3
honestly i agree this isn't very hard, im also 13