Piano Sonata in C minor

For String Trio

Uploaded on Aug 29, 2019

So, I got a few suggestions that I should make my K 545 arrangement a trio to sound more full. But I didn't do that because I heard 4 melodic voices in K545, save the second movement where I had to do some harmonization to fit it into a quartet.

However, I did find another Mozart sonata that just perfectly fit into a trio arrangement. It is another one of the more well known Mozart sonatas. It was written 4 years before his K545 sonata, on October 14 according to Mozart's own catalogue of his works. Yes, it is his Piano Sonata in C minor

There are quite a few passages of triplets where I had to take it up an octave to avoid the cellist having to do double duty. But even then, I still had to do a bit of a cascade from the violin to the viola. But for most passages, I could write the notes in their original octave and be fine.

There are quite a few double stops in my trio arrangement, but only 2 of those are difficult. What makes them difficult? A sustained lower note and a moving upper note. It is nothing like the double stops Bach wrote but still, those 2 are more difficult than the rest of the double stops.

What do you think of my trio arrangement so far? It didn't take long for me to arrange the exposition.

UPDATE 1: 8/29/2019 I have finished arranging the first movement, what do you think?

UPDATE 2: 9/3/2019 I have finished arranging the sonata. So you can listen to the thing in full. And yes, I wrote my cadenzas as tuplets if you are curious. I made the numbers invisible though, so to the performers, it will just look like any old cadenza.

Mozart Piano Sonata C minor String Trio Arrangement

Pages 35
Duration 19:01
Measures 556
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 3
Part names Violin, Viola, Cello
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