From the Ashes We Will Rise - Immediate Music

15 parts32 pages03:123 years ago1,373 views
Oboe, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Percussion(3), Bass, Voice, Harp, Strings(3), Contrabass
Wow! This was so much more difficult and time consuming than I thought! This is one of my favorite Immediate Music pieces. I try to make my transcriptions as accurate as possible, if you find anything sounding off, tell me! Enjoy!

Be Wherever You Are - Steven Universe

2 parts2 pages01:503 years ago7,729 views
Violin duet arrangement of this cute song from the show Steven Universe! Enjoy!
If anyone wants to play this, adding the corresponding ukulele chords on top would make it sound much more complete!

Liberty Shield - Immediate Music

10 parts25 pages02:133 years ago958 views
Voice, French Horn, Percussion(3), Timpani, Piano, Strings(3)
I attempted to transcribe this piece the most accurate as possible, sounds right to me. Enjoy, immediate is awesome!

Edit: idk why when I uploaded the piece here, all the crescendoes and diminuendos decided to move far behind where they are actually supposed to be. You hear them in the right place in the score but they are just misaligned for some odd reason, I don't think this is something I can fix sorry. (Maybe when you download it or something it fixes it??)